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Are you a knitting convert or contemplating becoming one? If you’re nodding your head in approval, read on. This particularly applies to all those knitting novices in dire need of a woollen winter cap. Atelier 4920 from Montreal, Canada, has come up with a fun kit they call the DIY Flying Tuque Kit with which you can make yourself a lovely, soft and warm tuque in no time.

DIY Tuque Knitting Kit

Get ready for winter with this DIY tuque set.

The DIY Flying Tuque Kit contains a 120gr ball of wool (100% Merino wool), two 20mm circular needles (US measures 36/24 inches) and a pompom (depending which model of the kit you choose). The fur used in making that boss pompom is recycled and comes in a bunch of colors.. These kits are handmade, i.e. made to order, and the delivery to Canada and the United States is free.

DIY Tuque Knitting Kit

The kits are handmade.

The wool in the kit comes in an assortment of colors – Natural White, Cloud, Earth, Orange, Paradise, Peacock, Powder, Raspberry, Theatre and Yolk. There are also three styles to choose from – the tuque without a pompom, the Merino tuque and the tuque with recycled fur pompom. Making this lovely and fashionable tuque doesn’t require a lot of knitting prowess. Just follow the instructions closely and you’ll make one without much effort or time spent.

DIY Tuque Knitting Kit

You can have a lot of fun knitting.

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