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Digitsole designed an insole that can heat your feet and track your activity. This is an interactive product because with just one click you can adjust the temperature of your footwear. Yes, it collects the information necessary and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Along with it being very comfortable it can fit most types of shoes. 

Smartphone App for Digitsole Warm Series Smart Insole

With the Smartphone App you can adjust the temperature, track your movement or even count your calories.

Once you connect to the application you can adjust the settings and select your pair. After that you are just one click away from setting the desired temperature. Just slide the bar up or down and choose the setting you prefer the most. They can heat up to a  maximum of 40 C/104 F and it takes less than a minute reach the desired temperature. They weigh around 3.5 ounces, so they are very light. The platform is made from several layers that allow stability and comfort.

Digitsole package and different insole layers

The insole is made out of many layers using high-quality materials.

The Digitsole platform is made from Nanotech, used to control the vibrations, Ortholite, so it can absorb shocks, and high-quality Soft Touch PU micro-fiber, designed to optimally spread the heat. In addition to improving blood circulation, it can track exactly how many steps you make each day, the distance you passed or your current altitude. One more awesome ability is to see how many calories you burned  each day. You just have to enter your weight and height in the app to check it out.

A guy charging the Digitsole insole

The Digitsole insole is very easy to recharge.

The battery can last for 8 hours, depending on use,  and it charges very fast with micro-USB cable. It is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry when it rains. The insole can be used in any situation, when hiking, skiing, travelling, shopping, or in any other activity.

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