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We’re often looking to update and restock our makeup collection but sometimes we don’t pay much attention to the brushes we use. The brushes can degenerate over time and if we don’t care for them properly, there’s a lot of residue on them. With the Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set, your mind will be at ease for a long time. This set contains 6 brushes that have antimicrobial properties, so they’ll stay fresher for longer.

The antimicrobial properties come from the charcoal powder the bristles are infused with. The brushes in this makeup brush set have extra soft synthetic bristles to ensure a flawless blend and perfect coverage with either wet or dry formulas. When you need a spotless appearance and you need it fast, use the large foundation brush. It’s wider so it can lay down foundation quickly and evenly. You can also use it to apply face mask so it’s pretty handy and, above all, hygienic.

Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set, open, with 6 brushes in their compartments, on a white bckground.

The Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set contains 6 brushes that are infused with charcoal powder for antimicrobial properties

The Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set also contains an angled brush, precision sweep, angled concealer brush, allover shadow brush and angled liner brush. If you need to camouflage or highlight the undereye area use the angled concealer brush. This brush can also work as an allover shadow brush. For contouring and highlighting, use the flat-shaped precision sweep brush that provides great precision and control.

Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set, closed black case on a white surface.

This makeup brush set doesn’t include any parabens, sulfates or phthalates and it’s suitable for persons with sensitive skin

All the brushes are made from cruelty-free fibers and they haven’t been tested on animals, and they’re also formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. The Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set is suitable for use even for persons with sensitive skin.

Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set , closed, upright, with 6 brushes in front, on a white background.

The brushes included in this set are made from ultra soft cruelty-free bristles that ensure perfect blend and coverage

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