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Daniel Wellington watches can be associated with the same instruction as the American Express card in a famous commercial: don’t leave home without it. If you are wondering why, the answer lies in it’s elegant sophistication with a minimalistic look. The classic, timeless design of these watches makes it sufficiently elegant for parties, and not too snobby for everyday use, from going to the beach to playing tennis. So whatever else you are wearing, like a chameleon, it will fit in. It might have something to do with the wide range of strap colors available, as well. The strap can be in leather or NATO (it’s called that way because it was first commissioned by the British Ministry of Defense and cataloged as such. It was originally made to avoid rust).
Daniel Wellington Watches
The watch itself comes in either silver or rose gold, in line with it’s elegant style. The size of the watch is suitable for both men and women.  Daniel Wellington watches were named after a real person, and as you guessed it, he was a male. So the style is meant to transcend all differences in gender, class, activities or anything else. All inclusive has gotten a whole new meaning, don’t you think?

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Daniel Wellington Watches

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