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Cross stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery. Now, when somebody mentions embroidery, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your grandma. As good as she was in knitting her patterns of nature themes, that doesn’t seem quite interesting to do. But the thing is, no artistic medium is limited to a specific content, no matter how much that content is colloquially connected to it. Comic books don’t have to be about supreheroes, video games don’t have to be about shooting everything in sight, and cross stitch doesn’t have to be about whatever your grandma did with it. Case in point: Alicia Watkins of Watty’s Wall Stuff.

Cross Stitch Kits Alicia Watkins

Alicia is a stitcher, but her patterns are anything but ordinary. You can buy them, or you can buy the kit for stitching them yourself. Some of these make a fantastic addition to your wall. For instance, “Please don’t do cocaine in the bathroom“. Can’t argue with that instruction. Or consider an upbeat phrase for your wall: “Everyday I’m hustlin’“. Or perhaps you would like to remind somebody that “Ain’t nobody got time for that“. And definitely, don’t forget to “Treat yo self” with a mini kit to make a mini pattern of that phrase.

There are a ton of these kits with patterns on her page, plus she always includes relevant information about the skills required to make the patterns. Also she informs you about the variations of the patterns presented which are possible with the kit you receive.

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