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Teas have become an essential ‘ingredient’ when you feel like unwinding, decompressing, relaxing and putting your feet up. And when you need tea for any occasion, turn to an English tea company called Clipper. Not a fan of caffeine? Try Clipper Organic Decaf tea. Battling insomnia? Drink a cup of the Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Infusion tea. You have a classic taste when it comes to tea? Then Clipper Organic Fairtrade Earl Grey Tea is what you need.

Clipper Organic Green Tea

You have probably deduced from the names of the aforementioned teas that they are all organic. Actually, all of Clipper’s teas are. Clipper was established in Dorset, England in 1984 by Mike and Lorraine Brehme, the two self-confessed “tea fanatics”. They wanted to deliver something unique, bolder and better-tasting than your generic tea brands by focusing on “what’s on the inside” rather than on packaging and marketing. And when you infuse so much passion into a product, suffice to say, the product will succeed.

Clipper Teas

Their teas have a full bodied, delicious taste, as well as a pleasant scent. When brewed, they dissipate within a minute or two to make a truly enjoyable cup. And they are, as we have mentioned earlier, 100% organic. Clipper teas come in unbleached bags and the company doesn’t use chemical solvents to eliminate caffeine from their teas, unlike the majority of tea makers. The Clipper Company should be also commended for something else, apart from making top quality, organic teas. They are the UK’s No. 1 Fair Trade Tea Company and no child labor was used in picking of the tea leaves they use for their brews.

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