Clean Reserve | Six Piece Travel Spray Layering Collection

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If you want to smell naturally fresh and clean wherever you go, we can’t think of a better brand of fragrance than Clean. When you’re traveling, there’s no reason not to pack your perfume collection for every occasion. The Clean Reserve Six Piece Travel Spray Layering Collection will have you fully equipped as it’s a neatly packed series of everyday fragrances to make you feel confident and will leave a sense of freshness and purity after you.

The Clean Reserve’s the brand’s latest line of fragrances that perfectly sums up their innovative, yet simple philosophy. The Clean fragrances are produced to dynamically attract future possibilities and experiences. All the ingredients are completely pure and joined together to make a high-quality perfume. This brand’s faithfully committed to responsibly choosing the ingredients and making eco-friendly products. This conscious philosophy has brought them the title of the innovators in the world of fragrance.

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton perfume bottle, surrounded by cotton, lemon, and other natural ingredients.

The Clean Reserve Travel Collection’s fresh, delicate and ideal for layering.

All six fragrances from the collection are ideal for layering thanks to their natural simplicity. They are linear with little movement from top to bottom, which helps you make ideal blends. The passion for purity’s the main motor of this ‘non-perfume perfume’ collection. These fragrances are unique, classic, contemporary, pure, and mild. In addition, the simple packaging’s made of recyclable materials.

Clean Reserve Rain perfume, surrounded by sleek woods and water lilly.

This travel collection includes six fresh, natural, mild, long-lasting fragrances.

This collection features six 0.17 oz. Travel spray fragrances, including Sueded Oud, Velvet Flora, Blonde Rose, Rain (Reserve Blend), Warm Cotton (Reserve Blend), and Amber Saffron. All of these fragrances bring a sense of pure, natural, comforting freshness and help you make a lasting impression. The Amber Saffron’s a mixture of soothing musk, warm amber, and saffron. Sueded Oud’s a creamy approach to exploring the movements between the bright and dark part of the fragrance. Velvet Flora offers a unique contrast of bergamot and leathery woods. Reserve Blend Warm Cotton’s a mixture of citrus, lilac and jasmine over a blend of amber and musk. Blond Rose shines femininity with a blend of rose, jasmine, and peony. The Reserve Blend Rain offers a combo of fruity floral notes, vetiver, and musk.

Four Clean Reserve Collection Perfumes surrounded by the ingredients, wood background.

Enjoy the subtle and clean smell of these natural ‘non-perfume perfumes’.

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