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A regular battery charger is dull, so why not design it like a robot? Why not, indeed. Guys and girls at cheero are great fans of cardboard robot called Danboard from the manga “Yotsuba & !”, so they designed their latest battery charger in the image of Danboard. Two circles for eyes and a triangle for mouth is all it has, and it’s all it needs to come alive. It’s brown in color, like the comic character, and his face is on the carrying bag as well. So what does cheero Danboard do? Charges your iPhone, smartphone, tablet, wi-fi router, or any device with USB inlets. We like him already.

Danboard with carrying bag and a cable

Isn’t it cute?

Danboard charger has a cost-effective lithium-ion battery that can be used repeatedly. So if a disaster strikes, and you can’t charge your phone conventionally, Danboard comes to the rescue. It can charge an iPhone or a smartphone up to 5 times. Then you have to recharge Danboard, which is easily done from your PC via USB cable or from a wall socket using a USB-AC adapter. Also it can be done up to 500 times. If you are fond of travelling and your mobile devices, Danboard will probably be your companion as well.

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