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Let’s for a moment imagine the following scene. You are a bride to be and you are embarking on a tricky yet wonderful journey called planning your own wedding. The first stop you make is a newsstand to pick up a bridal magazine. But which one do you choose? You are standing in front of dozens and dozens of wedding magazines that look exactly alike, which are also so generic and are just regurgitating the same old stale ideas. Can we suggest a magazine that will, in the words of its authors, “elevate love and personality over spending and aesthetics”? A magazine called Catalyst….

Catalyst Wedding Magazine-

We doubt that you consider yourself a run-of-the-mill bride so why settle for a humdrum wedding magazine that offers wedding ideas that are a dime a dozen. The editors of Catalyst Wedding Magazine say that this is a publication that thrives on creativity, community and feminism and that it will rock the wedding world to the core. But in a good way…. The volume one, called Finding New Perspective, features fresh ideas, engaging content (sometimes humorous and on the verge of sarcastic) and visually stunning photography.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine-

Also, each issue will feature an inspirational couple who is unique in the ways they celebrate their love and relationship. There are also interviews with the couples who have gone through the dreaded process of organizing and holding a wedding and have actually passed with flying colors. You will be able to read about their experiences and tips. What else can you expect to find in Catalyst Wedding Magazine? The content is so eclectic but we’ll single out the information about the coolest wedding vendors and venues, funny and entertaining quizzes, horoscopes and much, much more tailored to everybody – from wedding professionals to moms.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine-

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