Carve-A-Stamp DIY Kit | By Christine Schmidt

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Winter holidays are a great time for getting your loved ones something special. DIY gifts are especially fun and creative, but sometimes it’s difficult to get inspired. Whether you choose to make your own gifts or buy them, you can think of many ways to add a personal touch. Rubber stamps are always a good idea for decorating gifts and cards and the best part about them is that you can make your own!

Decorating cards and paper with Carve-A-Stamp DIY Kit

Carve your stamp designs and decorate paper, cards and gifts.

The Carve-A-Stamp DIY Kit has everything for making one-of-a-kind rubber stamps. The stamp block has two sides where the carvable surface is attached. This kit includes multiple carving blades, an ink pad, and instructions that are very easy to follow. There are also 25 original templates that will get the creativity going, and a nice muslin bag to keep everything together.

A Bird Stamp Made With Carve-A-Stamp DIY Kit

There are 25 models that will help you get inspired to make your own.

This kit was designed by Christine Schmidt, the founder of Yellow Owl Workshop. She creates many interesting DIY projects and makes them available to everyone. 

This kit allows you to create stamp designs without hassle. Instructions will take you step by step through the process, so you’ll learn the easiest way to carve stamps. Once you get going, you’ll realize how making stamps can be a fun and easy way to get those creative juices flowing!




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