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Born in Sweden to an Indian mother and a Canadian father. Grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Has a degree in fine arts. Ben Gorham was destined to do something entirely different to making perfumes but a chance encounter with perfumer Pierre Wulff led to Ben picking fragrances over paintings. As a result of this faithful meeting, Ben established a company called Byredo which creates perfumes, room fragrances, colognes, hair perfumes, bath oils, body lotions, soap bars and hand creams out of the most sensual, exotic and delicious ingredients.

Byredo perfumes

Ben is not the only creative brainchild behind Byredo perfumes. Since, in the very beginning, he was somewhat of an outsider in the fragrance industry, he commissioned some of the world’s most reputable perfumers like Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette to help him create something out of the ordinary in the fragrance world. There are 28 perfumes in the Byredo collection which are mostly unisex. Ben uses places, feelings and experiences as an inspiration for these fragrances so, for instance, there is Palermo for Women which is inspired by the namesake town in Italy, Green which was inspired by Ben’s childhood and, in particular, the memories of his father or Bal d’Afrique which reflects the French attraction to anything and everything African.

Byredo perfumes Mister Marvelous

The notes that Byredo perfumes are known for range from juniper berries, patchouli, vanilla, almond, violet, pink / black pepper and Moroccan cedarwood to hyacinth, black amber, tonka bean, white rose, violet, angelica seeds and bergamot. Ben keeps the notes simple yet very distinctive and subtle and says that his fragrances have fewer notes to avoid clashing.

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