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Butterfly chair. It even sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? This type of chair is essentially a folding frame which is combined with a large cloth. The cloth is sling hung from the frame’s highest point. It was originally designed by the Austral group in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938 (it was originally called BKF chair). But it’s not entirely original, in fact it has several predecessors. It’s metaphorical grandfather is the Paragon chair which was, at first, made to be used as campaign furniture (military campaign, in case you were wondering, since it was easy to put together and dismantle in case of a hurry). In 1881 the “father” was made in the US, so-called Tripolina, which was mainly used in leisure activities. Since the 1940s butterfly chair has became quite popular in the United States. Since 2013. a new model has been presented, the Butterfly Twin Chair, which is a two-seater version of the classic version.

Butterfly chair

Today, butterfly chairs are as useful as they have ever been. Although they are at their best on the beach, or outdoors by the campfire, it’s entirely your prerogative to use them where you see fit. They are light and compact. The seat cover can be easily removed and washed. It’s important to point out that you can buy the frame and cover SEPARATELY. The chair has a weight limit of 250 lbs, and it’s dimensions are 35x33x27. The frame is mostly made of steel, the cover is cotton duck fabric. The color of the cover varies, so pick your favorite.

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Butterfly chair

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