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Usually, the lightning for our room is either too bright or too weak. Bulbs end up burning out and you almost always end up spending more money on them than you originally planned. Well, we have a solution for both of your problems – Bulbing Lamps by Studio Cheha, with original design and a new technology to make your lightning just as you want it, in different shapes and sizes.

the Spiral lamp

Whether you need a new lamp for your bedroom, your living room or just for your library or office, you can’t go wrong with a Bulbing Lamp. So, what are they really? The Bulbing Lamp is actually a wire frame with LED lights inside – an actual optical illusion. Look closer or turn the lamp and you’ll see that even though the lamps really look like they’re 3D, they’re not. The trick is that the frame has been laser engraved in order to show these amazing 3D forms. Studio Cheha is playing with your mind in a fun way, and you’ll be fascinated with it one day after another.

A Bulbing Lamp by Studio Cheha side view

When you look at it from the side, you will realize that it is only 2D.

The lamp is partially made using some heavy machinery, while some of the details were man-made. It combines natural elements with fabric-made materials, and voila! Your room shines in a totally different way. The project started in 2014 with a simple bulb-like lamp but grew quickly, and now there’s a variety of different designs. There’s something for everyone: pick between the Galaxy lamp, a Skull, a Teddy Bear… and more.

Bulbing Lamps by Studio Cheha shaped as Galaxy, Skull and Teddy Bear

There are various shapes, like Galaxy, Skull and Teddy Bear.

Studio Cheha is currently remodeling their products, adding some new functions and making them even more amusing. The three new models, recently on Kickstarter, will be named Ziggi, Deski and Classi. They’ll feature more powerful LEDs as well as a dimming option. With the motto “Spread the Light”, the project was backed with enough support within a day, and the new designs are now available for pre-order!

The new Bulbing Lamps Ziggi, Deski and Classi.

The new Bulbing Lamps are called Ziggi, Deski and Classi.

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