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With modern means of communication, we’re exchanging messages faster than ever, and most of them are superficial and soon become forgotten. In order to remedy this, to make messages more meaningful and personal, you can now use the services of BOND, the Robot Service for Handwritten Notes. This service uses a machine to write your personal notes on custom stationery using a pen, paintbrush or a marker. The paper is then put into an envelope, sealed with wax, stamped and mailed. And you can do all of this from your phone or computer!

The BOND does almost everything for you and it makes sending traditional letters basically effortless and less time-consuming. All you need to do is provide the text, and then it’s just picking out a style and providing the technical details like the recipient’s address. Choose one of the many available writing styles or upload your own handwriting. You can have your handwriting copied and digitized for $500. You’ll also need to upload your original signature and you can do that via smartphone.

BOND Robot Service for Handwritten Notes

The BOND has 200 robots that write notes in different handwritings on custom stationery

Your signature will then be used on your cards and notes. An additional service provided is asking the recipient for his address via email or text message in case the sender doesn’t have the address. If you want premium service, you can get BOND Black for $1200 per year. This will buy you a personalized mobile app that you can use to send notes in your handwriting on custom stationery. This is a perfect solution for businesses, since many companies that have already started using the service have reported significant progress. A single card costs $3.50, but companies that place larger orders can get them for $2 to $2.50.

BOND Robot Service for Handwritten Notes

You can now make handwritten notes, sign them, and mail them all sealed with wax using just your computer or phone

The BOND service works with 200 writing machines that have robotic arms to hold the pen while the paper gets moved around by static electricity. This way, the paper stays faultless, without any marks or wrinkles. This is a great way to send perfectly crafted notes in handwriting without too much of a bother. People still like to receive physical notes, and although emails are nice, a mailed thank you note has a much greater effect. The person that receives this kind of note or letter will feel special and appreciated.

A white envelope on a grey table with captions written by BOND Robot Service for Handwritten Notes

The BOND service is perfect for small and large businesses and companies as it helps create a bond with consumers as well as potential partners

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