BOISGRIS | Wood Finds New Life as Rustic, Minimalist Furniture

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One hundred and fifty years ago, our ancestors lived in wooden homes  ̶  they harvested the wood by hand, worked it by hand, and fabricated it into homes, barns and other structures all by hand.  Today, BOISGRIS has a unique appreciation for heritage materials and craftsmanship, and has a mission to preserve and extend the lives of these materials by incorporating recycled wood into the manufacturing of their furniture.

old barn in field behind barbed wire fence

Based in Québec, Canada, BOISGRIS demonstrates a special respect for the barn wood of Québec, weathered by time and full of character and grit.  This recycled heritage wood lends history, character and warmth, and is used in combination with upper northern Québec spruce, pine and fir, and gunpowder-colored metal.  This unique combination of materials results in entirely handmade pieces that bring a solid urban mountain cabin warmth to any living space.

Minimalistic, linear furniture designed with small spaces in mind, the collection currently includes ‘Le bloc’, ‘Le chevet’, and ‘La bûche’, which function perfectly as side tables or nightstands.

night stand side table made from recycled wood and stained metal base by Boisgris furniture

Le bloc

Le chevet

Le chevet

solid wood night stand side table with stained metal top

La bûche

The collection also includes ‘Le café’, a coffee table featuring a recycled wood top and live wood edge, and ‘La console’, a recycled wood console table with a satin-varnished steel top. Not yet on the website is the newest feature in the collection, ‘Le banc’. This solid bench is crafted from a recycled and oil-stained spruce beam with legs of the same gunpowder-colored, satin-varnished metal seen throughout the collection.

solid recycled wood coffee table by Boisgris furniture design

Le café

Boisgris Wood Finds New Life Rustic Modern Furniture 7

La console

Solid pine bench made of recycled wood by Boisgris furniture design

sneak peek at ‘Le banc’

The ‘Lit ZZZ’ is a stunning bed frame made from recycled wood planks, featuring an eye-catching headboard and exposed storage below.

recycled wood bedframe 9


All furniture pieces are made entirely within the province of Québec  ̶  the steel is locally welded and varnished by hand, and all wood is ethically sourced with no environmental impact on lumber supply.  As each piece is handmade, you’re guaranteed it will be a one-of-a-kind.  While many pieces of the collection are designed for versatility, BOISGRIS also offers “made-to-measure” furniture pieces and will work with you to design and create the ultimate piece to fit your space. You can get in contact with the creators and view more of the collection at

BOISGRIS is a product of Tomatedezhein, a multidisciplinary creation, fabrication and development company created in 1985 by Pierre Riopel, a former Art Director with over 20 years’ experience. Today, he’s accompanied by another known Québec Art Director, Richard Marchand, who, like Pierre, worked in advertising and space planning.

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