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Once you realize how expensive it is to publish a book, you’ll be glad there’s an idea like Blurb. This platform creates, prints and publishes your own independent books . They offer pretty great ebooks and high-quality printed texts.

This platform works as a digital press print-on-demand (POD). That means they’ll print books, no matter how many copies you need, even if someone needs one book, it’ll get done. Blurb even starts to discount  larger orders beginning with just 10 copies. To sell a book, Blurb helps independent authors reach and distributes to such retailers as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more than 39,000 other online bookstores from all over the world. 

Take a look at these 5 quick picks from Blurb:

1 – Kulturë: Cookbook

Kulture Cookbook

Kulture is full of delicious family recipes.

This book contains 22 family recipes that reflect Albanian cuisine and culture. The author wanted to make homage to family and tradition, and show readers the role each dish has in this small Europen country. 

2 – Refueled

Refueled Magazine

Refueled Magazine, Issue 16.

Refueled is a magazine that celebrates adventure. This Americana-inspired magazine looks like an art project. It features journies and people who have a passion for creating.

3 – Fifty-Two

Fifty Two

A book with champagne cocktails.

Fifty-Two is a collection of unique cocktails with champagne, syrups, and bitters. It’s a perfect book for anyone who likes mixing cocktails since it’s more of a guide for creating and improvising, rather than just a list of recipes.

4 – Peru

Just like the name says, this book will show you Peru, from the eyes of a gal that loves to travel. It’s just photographs that tell a story of this beautiful country.

Peru And Simple Love Blirb

Two books that explore photography- Simple Love and Peru.

5 – Simple Love

Simple Love is a combination of stories and scenery captured in Nepal. It documents pastors from the rural Nepal districts and shows the great Himalayan trail and mountain villages. 

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