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If you have been battling oily or combination skin which becomes particularly shiny when you have makeup on, your first line of defense is usually applying more setting powder, right? OK, that’s what the makeup artists suggest, but, back in the day, our mothers and grandmothers had an even more efficient solution to getting rid of excessively glistening skin– blotting paper. The Mai Couture Company is the one to turn to when you want high quality blotting paper that will do much more than just absorb excess skin oil.

Blotting Papiers by Mai Couture

This brand has several blotting papers or papiers, as they call them, in their collection – Blotting / Bronzing Papier, Blemish Control Papier with Salicylic Acid, Blush Papier, Foundation Powder Papier, Highlighter Papier, and Rejuvenate Blotting Papier. Let’s see what each one of them does.

  • Blotting / Bronzing Papier – will not only mattify your skin, but will also lightly powder it with bronzer for that healthy, sun-kissed look. Just like all Mai Couture papiers, this papier is paraben- and talc-free.
  • Blemish Control Papier with Salicylic Acidthis blotting paper contains ultra-absorbent powders and Salicylic Acid which is known for fighting blemish-causing bacteria and preventing future breakouts.
  • Blush Papieras the name says, this papier will efficiently blot out your skin while gently applying color and shimmer to your cheeks.
  • Foundation Powder Papiereach sheet of this papier is lined with illuminating powder which evens out skin imperfections and gives that wonderful glow. It comes in three shades – Fair Glow, Nude Glow and Golden Glow.
  • Highlighter Papierthis papier “will turn up the wattage on lackluster skin in seconds flat”. Use it in areas on which you usually apply your highlighter. Highlighter Papier is available in two shades – Crystal Cove (lighter) and St. Barts (darker).
  • Rejuvenate Blotting Papierthere are two versions of this papier – one that contains Lavender oil which is great for absorbing excess oil without disturbing makeup, and one that contains Vitamins C and E which are essential for maintaining skin’s balance.

Blotting Papiers by Mai Couture

Each papier is very soft and luxurious and they come in booklets, each having 100 papiers. Mai Couture also has elegant papier holding wallets which are available in four colors – Gold, White, Coral and Royal Blue.

Get the collection from Amazon here.

Mai Couture elegant papier holding wallets

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