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Who doesn’t like two-in-one products, particularly if they’re accessories that we need and wear every single day?! An ingenious idea was born in Shireen Thor’s mind when she looked back at the pictures of herself and noticed that she was wearing a hair tie around her wrist in quite a few of them. Practical, yes; sophisticated, not necessarily. She decided to do something about her habit and, together with her engineer husband, created the BitterSweet Bracelet that is a hair tie and a bracelet in one.

BitterSweet Bracelet that is a hair tie and a bracelet in one

This stylish bracelet features a groove specially designed to hold your hair tie in place. The bracelet comes in two variations – steel with the metallic finish, which is a more affordable option, or precious metals (925 sterling silver or silver with 22k gold or rose gold plating). Also, there are two designs to choose from – hammered and floral. If you’re contemplating gifting your friends or family members the BitterSweet Bracelet, you’ll be pleased to know that the designer also makes custom creations and will even engrave the bracelet for you!

The circumference of the BitterSweet Bracelet is approximately 6.75 inches, but you can squeeze it to make it smaller. Just don’t bend the bracelet too much; you don’t want to put too much stress on the metal. The BitterSweet Bracelet comes with a hair tie elastic in the color of your choice and is suitable both for thin and thick hair tie elastics.

BitterSweet Bracelet that is a hair tie and a bracelet in one

The bracelet’s designer Shireen says that “the bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women.” And solved a common problem for women it did – no more ugly elastic band indentation on your wrists thanks to the cleverly designed bracelet, hair always perfectly in place and a hair tie that is always easily reachable.

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