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Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the bestselling book Eat Pray Love has written a new book, which is on its way to becoming yet another bestseller. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This new book is an inspirational piece of literature about difficulties she had faced and her voyages to overcome them.

Now, having done that, she gives advice on how we should deal with problems that arise and the lessons learned along the way. Creativity and inspiration are very important in this. She shows us ways to deal with our fears and to grab onto our hopes. The premise is that of, within us, there are “strange jewels” to uncover if we don’t suppress our curiosity, and her advice can be useful in different situations we face. Trying to create a work of art, fighting our career challenges, chasing our dream projects and so on. Even if we go to the mundane, everyday level, we can make progress there also by injecting more passion in what we do in our “ordinary” lives.

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