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If you like big tee-shirts, you’ll love the Big Dipper Oversized Tee. This piece of clothing’s really unusual because it’s more than just your ex-boyfriend’s shirt he left at your place after the superbowl party. This shirt also brings the benefits of adjusting it multiple ways and combining it with different styles. Featuring tall slit at bottom sides and more fitting sleeves, this shirt offers a casual, bo-ho look.

This tee-shirt’s only available through Free People which makes it an exclusive piece. Made of 100% rayon so it’s soft and comfortable and it drapes really well. You can wash it in the washing machine, but only in cold water. This Big Dipper Oversized tee may seem like it’s too much material to handle, but, in fact, the excess material’s the coolest part of this shirt.

Two women wearing charcoal and rose pink Big Dipper Oversized Tee. Front and back view.

The lightweight material drapes your figure perfectly and provides a casual look.

The material’s soft and it seems like it’s flowing. It’ll drape your body and show off whatever you want to, can be worn knotted on one side or both, hanging straight, front tucked, you get the point. You can combine it with jeans and boots and add some longer, chunky necklaces FTW. The Big Dipper Oversized Tee comes in a number of colors, including maple, sand, gray, charcoal, rust, rose pink, and light orange.

Two women wearing maple and rust Big Dipper Oversized Tee.

This tee-shirt is great to combine with jeans and long necklaces.

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