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BESTEK Bag is markedly different from usual camera bags. First it’s made of canvas. Second, it’s not expensive. It has 4 pockets; the front one (suitable for magazines, iPad etc.) 2 small ones button-down ones on the exterior, and an internal zipper pocket. The primary compartment is padded on the inside, since it’s meant to hold cameras. It can also hold other delicate equipment. It can be carried over the shoulder via its top flap or across the body. It is also waterproof.

BESTEK with iPad in it

4 pockets allow for smaller objects to be put inside

Gadget geeks will love it, because of its practicality and stylishness, especially it’s khaki color and canvas material. Not to mention people who dabble in photography. However, you don’t have to follow the leader on this one. If you find this bag useful for carrying your everyday items, go for it.

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BESTEK Waterproof Canvas Camera Bag

Khaki color gives it a different look

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