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This thing is the ultimate beauty solution. You know, a product you desperately need and have been dreaming of, but you just didn’t realize it yet. Does your makeup need organizing? Need a way to easily follow along with that YouTube tutorial (it’s ok – we can all use help when it comes to the perfect smoky eye) or the most recent episode of whatever it is you’re watching on Netflix? iSkelter has come to our rescue and designed the Beauty Station that not only neatly stores makeup, but also holds gadgets like iPhones and iPads. And it looks lovely too!

The Beauty Station was designed by, believe it or not, a group of men for their ladies. It had taken the designers a total of six months, some power tools and a lot of creativity to make the initial prototype. After that, they raised sufficient funds through a crowd funding project and launched the Beauty Station in the world of retail.

iSkelter Beauty Station

The Beauty Station is a simple, elegant and highly practical stand, display center and a docking station for your gadgets all in one. It is made from 100% renewable bamboo, its surface is glazed with a stainproof sealant and it is completely made by hand. It measures 14 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches and can store up to 30 makeup products, a small mirror and several tech devices.

The Beauty Station is a great time saver because you won’t be spending so much time looking for that blush brush that you swore you left in the top drawer. Or that eyeshadow that was last time seen in one of your vanity cases three days ago. This is everything you need to get ready – makeup, brushes, that video from your go-to YouTube beauty guru, your cell phone –  in one convenient place thanks to the iSkelter Beauty Station.

Get it from Amazon here.

Beauty Station by iSkelter

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