Bear Sleeping Bag | By Eiko Ishizawa

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Well, the winter’s here, and the bears are going back into their dens to hibernate, and now, you can too. If you just want to stay in bed as long as you’d like without any disturbances, the bear sleeping bag’s what you need. When people see a giant bear sleeping, they won’t dare mess with it! The Bear Sleeping Bag is here to provide you extra comfort and coziness for those precious winter naps.

This great sleeping bag was created by Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa. It’s very realistic and it’s an excellent solution for people who can’t bear getting their sleep interrupted. Just let the bear consume you and we guarantee you’ll be left alone. The Bear Sleeping Bag has a zipper all the way from the head and around the body. You can easily fit in and choose whether you want to leave the top unzipped for some oxygen or you want to get completely tucked in as if you were devoured by a bear.

The Bear Sleeping Bag, front view, putting it on and fully zipped.

The Bear Sleeping Bad is easy to put on thanks to the zipper on the front side.

This 190-centimeter long sleeping bag was inspired by a story of a ‘problem’ bear called Bruno. Bruno wandered from the Italian Alps to Bavaria. There was a debate about what should be done with the bear, but he was eventually hunted down because he was said to pose a big threat to humans. Eiko first created a bear sculpture as a sort of an ode to the bear, and to show our conflicting relationship with nature. Later on, she has decided to make these Bear Sleeping Bags.

The Bear Sleeping Bag, open, on a white background.

This sleeping bag is carefully handmade for maximum comfort.

What you need to know is that this sleeping bag gets custom made when you order it, which makes it an exclusive and unique item. All the Bear Sleeping Bags are handmade and numbered. There’s no mass production so this is a rare and special piece. The materials used are faux fur, plastic, imitation leather, polyester, and a zipper. This unique sleeping bag will keep you warm and cozy and it will guard your sleep.

Bear Sleeping Bag put on, lying on a bed, and standing, partially unzipped to uncover the face.

This great item will keep you warm and protected from any outside disturbances.


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