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In keeping with our “Yay, the summer is almost here!” theme, here’s another cute, functional and unique product that will come in handy when the Sun is at its highest and the wind just won’t stop blowing. It’s a beach tipi, created by Ginger & Gilligan, a company established by Australian designer and adventurer Jessie Ehrenburg. As an ardent sailor, Ehrenburg has built many makeshift driftwood shade shelters on remote beaches all over the world so he knows a thing or two about protecting oneself from the elements.

Black Beach Tipi by Ginger & Gilligan

If you are wondering why you need a beach tipi, particularly Ginger & Gilligan’s one, we’ll give you a few valid reasons. First of all, they are much lighter than the classic beach umbrellas which are, let’s face it, a pain to carry around and quite boring. Secondly, Ginger & Gilligan’s beach tipi comes in a compact carry bag. Because these tipis can be secured to the sand there is very little risk of wind blowing them away. Thirdly, they provide a much better protection against sun rays and wind than a beach umbrella. And they are simply more fun!

Indigo Beach Tipi by Ginger & Gilligan

Ginger & Gilligan’s beach tipis are handmade in Bali and designed by Byron Bay Australia. It will take you only a few minutes to set them up. They come in three sizes – small, medium and large with the first two being triangle-based tetrahedrons, and the third one a square based pyramid. They are all machine washable and easy to carry. There are several designs and colors available including white, black, indigo, charcoal, Antigua, and black / yellow / navy stripe.

White Beach Tibi

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