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Summer is at its height and everybody is gravitating towards one thing – spending as much time near a body of water, be it sea, lake or river. Properly protecting your skin from intense sunlight is all too important, plus sometimes you just need a break from the heat and that can be hard to find on a beach. There’s a product that provides more shade and is more convenient than an ordinary parasol. It’s the beach sunshade and the one that we are writing about today comes from the Otentik Company.

Beach Sunshade by Otentik

The Otentik Beach Sunshade takes very little time to set up. Just fill the sunshade’s bags with sand (there is a version with stakes to use in grass or snow), stretch it out, and place the poles in proper position. That’s it! It takes minutes to put up and you can adjust the position of the poles as the sun moves across the sky. Another ‘wow’ feature of this sunshade is that it weighs only 6lbs (2.72kg) and, when packed, it is no bigger than a beach towel.

Beach Sunshade by Otentik

The Otentik Beach Sunshade is not a fragile construction. It has been tested to withstand winds of up to 18 knots and it has the ultraviolet protection factor of 50 (meaning unmatched sun protection). This sunshade is made from top quality Italian fabric called Eurojersey Sensitive Microfiber with 28% LYCRA®, and it will literally last you for years. The fabric is sand-repellent which means that you only need to shake it once before you pack it up. If you get it wet, just open it up when you come home and it will dry in matter of minutes. There are five colors to pick from – Black, Gray, Red and Deep Blue. The Otentik Beach Sunshade measures 7 by 7 feet.

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Beach Sunshade by Otentik

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