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We’ve all heard of BB creams for face (that wonderful, light substitute for foundation). But have you heard about BB creams for nails? Orly Cosmetics has launched, what they claim to be, “an effective, all-in-one topical treatment for your nails” that will brighten, soothe, smooth and moisturize your natural nails, as well as add a hint of sheer peach color. And this topical treatment comes in the shape of a BB cream.

BB Cream for Nails by Orly

One coat of Orly’s BB cream for nails will last for two or three days, and if you apply two coats, they will last you for at least a week. The cream gives nails a very soft, well-buffed, natural looking sheen, like you have just returned from a manicurist. Speaking of manicure, you know all too well that having your nails buffed usually thins and weakens them. By applying Orly’s BB cream, your nails will look shiny and smooth with a subtle satin finish without the need for invasive nail file work. Like you have just had a fresh French manicure but without all the fuss and bother….

BB Cream for Nails by Orly

Aside from giving your nails a clean and shiny appearance, this BB cream will also hydrate, fortify and protect them since the cream comes with an SPF. Also, if you have had your acrylic nails on for far too long, and you need something that will rejuvenate them, as well as help them recover to their former glory, you should try this product.

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