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Most of the people you ask today, would not realize just how much of our surroundings has been automated. Did you know that elevators had an operator at one point in time? Yep, even those things were manually operated back in the day. But the automatization process doesn’t stop. Now, thanks to the AXIS Gear, you can motorize your window shades. AXIS Gear is a smart device that is installed on your window shade, and allows you to control your shades remotely. No more pulling is needed to open or close them anymore.

A guy enjoying the sunshine

Want to get some sunshine without getting up? Done.

You can control more shades at once from the comfort of your bed. It’s a great way to set the mood for various things, since it doesn’t require the hassle it used to. If you want the shades to automatically open or close, you can do that too. Wake up with the shades letting sunshine into your room, when darkness falls set them to automatically close. Or adjust the settings to make them close if it’s raining or snowing, and open if it’s sunny outside. This way you can warm up your room naturally and lower the energy bill. If you are afraid of home invasion, you know that the sign burglars usually wait for is the constantly lowered shades. With AXIS Gear you can simulate your presence at home.

AXIS design controls any beaded chain or cord loop of a window shade, so there is no need to remove or modify your shades.

You just:
1) Install the provided mounting bracket onto your window frame.
2) Attach the beaded chain or cord loop of your window shade onto Gear.
3) Snap Gear onto the mounting bracket.

As for the controls, you can use the remote, your smartphone or on-device control. Gear can also be integrated with some smart home devices like: SmartThings Nest (via Weave), Logitech Harmony, Fitbit and Jawbone, Homey.

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