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Jeans are a piece of clothing that has definitely evolved the most. From rigid working pants used by cowboys, they’ve become the ultimate casual, versatile clothing. With so many new patterns, colors, styles, and designers, jeans are probably the best selling pants overall. And that’s not hard to understand, especially if you take a look at these trendy and hip jeans by One Teaspoon we’re about to present to you. The Awesome Baggies are a collection that really has a lot to offer.

These low waist jeans make a powerful fashion statement. They’re giving you that relaxed, yet modern, stylish and rebellious look. The One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies are relaxed leg jeans with a twisted cuff that’s double folded. Wear it folded or unroll it, the choice is up to you, and in both cases you’ll look awesome in these! The tapered leg’s an attribute that helps you look sharp and provides a perfect fit.

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies, light blue, worn by two models, front and side view, on a white background.

These low waist jeans feature a double folded twisted cuff that can be unrolled.

The Awesome Baggies are made of 12 oz. rigid denim and are available in many different colors and styles. The distressing levels also vary from style to style. They’re heavily distressed through the front panels to expose the pocket lining. These modern jeans feature a pre-shrunk style with 5 pockets, zip fly, and a bird button closure. They’re meant to be worn low slung and relaxed, but if you prefer to wear them mid, they can be sized down.

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies, light grey, worn by two models, rear view, white background.

These 5 pocket jeans can be worn slung and relaxed, or mid, and are available in different shades of white, blue, grey, and black.

As we’ve already said, Awesome Baggies are a rich collection that offers a lot of colors and variations. If you want the light blue color, your options are Blue Malt, Le Homme, Diamonde, Hustler, Saint, Anarchy, and Happy. The darker blue tones are brought in the forms of Ford, Ford Distressed, Bad Seed, Husk, Bleu Marine, Cobaine, 1955, 1966, Pure Bleu, Hustler, and Dusty. The black baggies come as Fox Black, London, and Vintage Black. The Fleetwood, Dirty White and Frost feature a base white color. Melrose’s a soft acid washed grey while Grey Chalk’s a little brighter hue of grey. Whatever color and style you prefer, we’re sure you can find something perfect for you among this awesome One Teaspoon jeans collection.

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies, black and blue, worn by to models, side view, white background.

The One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies are made of 12 oz. denim so they’re modern and durable.

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