Asobu Infuser Water Bottle

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Infusing can be super fun and tasty. If you’re tired of drinking regular water, or want to avoid sodas that have a bunch of chemicals, you should try infusing. You basically take fruits, herbs, spices, add them in water, and let them sit. You’ll get delicious flavored water, healthier and cheaper than any flavored water on the market.

Two Asobu Infuser Water Bottles, Green And Yellow

Infusing is healthy, cheap and delicious.

Asobu made this cute Bottle Infuser you can use to make different flavored water recipes. The infuser is removable, and is 100% BPA free, so you’ll avoid any toxins. You can take the bottle with you wherever you go, with or without the infuser. You can take it with you when you’re at work, in the car, working out… 

Asobu Infuser Water Bottles Placed On A Kitchen Surface

You can experiment with different flavors and recipes.

The great thing about this bottle is that it will inspire you to experiment with different recipes, and drink healthy beverages. If you don’t know any recipes, there’s a booklet you get with the infuser bottle. The bottle is really simple to use, you just unscrew the round lid, pull out the infuser, add your ingredients, and put it all back in. The lids are made of stainless steel, and it has a rubber protective handle. It’s made of hard glass, so it’s easy to clean.

4 different colors of Asobu Infuser Water Bottles

You can choose the color of the lid.

You can get the bottle in 10 different colorsThis Infuser Water Bottle can also be a great gift for anyone, especially now with holidays approaching. And most importantly, you can use it to make your favorite fruit drinks.

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