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Summer’s basically here and that means it’s time for more outdoor adventuring! For us, one of the most difficult parts of taking on summer adventures is getting the gear right. There’s nothing worse than not being prepared for whatever activity comes up or how the weather turns, and it can be tough to find a balance between performance and playfulness. Wu & Y is coming to the rescue with their art-on-activewear shorts!

wu and y art shorts

We are all kinds of excited about these shorts, which seem like the perfect intersection of practicality and complete fun. Founded by Eric Wu and crew, these art shorts feature one-off designs by independent artists around the world who share in the product revenue. The designs are printed using dye sublimation and the shorts themselves are made from premium technical fabric that’s soft, flexible and moisture-wicking. The shorts also feature zippered front and back pockets (that’s four!) that are sewn into the shorts, which prevents your stuff from shuffling around. There’s also a hidden waistband pocket, too, for the valuables.


Available in both a men’s and women’s cut, the shorts comes in 11 different patterns/designs and in women’s sizes XS through XL. Pick up your own pair now on Kickstarter – you’ll be supporting independent creators and you’ll have the raddest shorts for your summer adventures whether you’re dancing your buns off at a music fest, indulging in some park yoga, practicing your cannonballs at the local pool or at the lake, or just chilling and taking in the summer vibes.

wu and y art shorts

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