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If you ask professional or amateur skateboarders for reasons why they ride, they will probably tell you that skateboarding is a lifestyle, an escape from the dreariness of everyday life, a passion and even art form. The latter can definitely be said for the boards we are featuring today. These longboards are made by California-based company The Arbor Collective and they are true art pieces.


The Arbor Collective longboards are also a prime example of old-school craftsmanship and advanced design illustrating a modern-day nature of longboarding. They have been designed in collaboration with various artists and photographers whose contribution is clearly visible, especially in boards like the Axis Bamboo from the Bamboo Collection (the artwork is from the artist DZO) or the Fish GT from the GT Collection (the illustration provided by a Seattle-based illustrator and tattoo artist Kyler Martz).

We were also taken by the Bug from the Cruiser Collection and the Timeless from the Carve Collection. The Bug is a 36-inch-long skateboard that is a traditional longboard, and very easy to ride because it is lightweight, simple to maneuver and ideal for beginners. The deck is made from seven Maple plies with a quality wood top that has been sustainably sourced. In keeping with its name, the Timeless is a 46-inch-longboard that is designed for easy, open-stance skating. It has a wide concave platform and a solid wheelbase for great push and speed stability.

The Arbor Collective

It’s also worth mentioning that the decks of all Arbor skateboards are hand-made and produced using eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers. They all have Sucrose Initiative Wheels, Double Shield ABEC 5 Bearings, Caliber Trucks (Gullwing Sidewinder on the Zeppelin), and Blood Orange bushings. Each board is made with precision while taking into consideration all aspects of shape, angle and geometry of the trucks, wheels and bushings. And, of course, the stunningly creative graphics are the cherry on top. Cruising around on a longboard is a pretty great way to spend a summer day, and Arbor Collective longboards promise a comfortable, enjoyable and stylish ride.

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