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You’ve probably seen many different types of candles of many different scents, but have you ever come across candles that are inspired by music, books, and movies? No? Allow us to introduce you to Anthology Candles.

All Anthology Candles are made from completely natural soy wax derived from soy beans that are grown only in the USA, and they’re infused with the highest quality fragrance made from essential oils. These are also low-smoke candles that come with slow burning wicks, which results in no black soot residue once you’ve finished burning them. Because of this, the jar is easily reusable and recyclable (but they’re so great we know we’d find a way to reuse them regardless). Each handle is hand-crafted, holds eight ounces of wax and weighs approximately 1lb each.

Now, some of our top picks: three different candles called ‘Sheet Music’, ‘Sherlock’s Flat’ and ‘Winter is Coming’. And yes, all candles in the Anthology have just as clever, quirky and geeky names as these.

The Sheet Music candle smells of paper, ink, parchment and must – if that isn’t the smell of sheet music, we don’t know what is. Such a uniquely scented candle would be a great gift for musicians or music lovers.


The Baker Street Flat candle is reminiscent of good quality tobacco, Moroccan leather and wood – light this candle and your place will be transformed into Sherlock’s bachelor pad à la 221B Baker Street in no time.


As for the Winter is Coming candle – fresh juniper trees, eucalyptus and spearmint will take you to a crisp winter day exploring the Godswoods at Winterfell. ‘Game of Thrones’ fans will probably go nuts over this, and rightly so.

You can read more about the husband-and-wife duo behind Anthology Candles here. Word on the street is that they’re open to suggestions for new candles to add to the Anthology… how about ‘Teen Spirit’ inspired by the iconic Nirvana song? Teen Spirit did have a distinct smell, after all, but we suggest taking some creative liberties here.


P.S. Anthology Candles has some discount codes for you!

CANDLE2PACK ($1 OFF) – 2 or more candles
CANDLE3PACK ($2 OFF) – 3 or more candles
CANDLE4PACK ($3 OFF) – 4 or more candles
CANDLE6PACK ($5 OFF) – 6 or more candles
CANDLE10PACK ($10 OFF) – 10 or more candles
CANDLE24PACK ($25 OFF) – 24 or more candles

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