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We’re always on the lookout for the newest in clothing tech, especially when the technology is perfectly suited to the active lifestyle enthusiast. Ably™ Apparel is the newest kid on the block. Using the hero “activation process” Filium, Ably has created a line of shirts and hoodies that is everything the athlete and outdoorswoman in you wants.


The shirts and hoodies are made of 100% natural cotton, activated with the patent-pending ‘Filium’ process. This process, effectively makes the cotton moisture and sweat repellent – great news for hikers, backpackers, travelers and anyone who can be a little hard on their clothing. And in case you were wondering, Filium doesn’t use nanoparticles or chemicals that break down, so it’s safe for skin and the environment.

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The women’s collection includes the Pocket Tee, the V-Neck, and the Hoodie, which are available in white, black, plum, and moroccan blue. The tees are made of 100% fine cotton and the hoodie is made from heavyweight French terry knit cotton. The men’s and women’s collection is currently available on Kickstarter and the Ably team is hoping to have the good shipped out in September 2016.

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The long-sleeve tee will be available as a stretch goal.

Read more about Ably and get your own odor and moisture repellent shirt or hoodie on Kickstarter.

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