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There’s a lot to know and learn when it comes to spending time in the wild and, oftentimes, experiences can be really different for men and women. Ruby McConnell wrote A Women’s Guide to the Wild after years of figuring things out on her own (while feeling pressure to prove herself to her male counterparts), and it serves as a handbook for all women looking to get into outdoor adventuring or simply get more comfortable with it.

woman's guide to the wild by ruby mcconnell

The handbook features lovely illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

A Women’s Guide to the Wild provides practical and incredibly down-to-earth tips and insights on anything from where to go and what to pack, to peeing in the woods and having sex in your tent. It’s seriously useful as most “handbooks” are, but it’s also seriously approachable and relatable. The book also includes recipes (they all look so tasty), navigation tips (seriously useful skill), and ‘expert advice’ from other female outdoor enthusiasts.

ruby mcconnell author

“Regardless of how much time I spent outside, how far into the backcountry I went, or what kinds of challenges I took on, there seemed to be an underlying current—a low hum of voices from the media, the mainstream, and men—insisting that the wilderness was no place for women.” – Ruby McConnell

Pick up your copy of A Woman’s Guide to the Wild on Amazon, and read more about Ruby McConnell on her website.


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