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Ilse Crawford is a well-known designer of interior, product design and architecture. With this book she is showing her body of work inside the famous StudioIlse. Her work is concentrated on putting the human being at the center. In her own words:”When I look at making spaces, I don’t just look at the visual. I’m much more interested in the sensory thing, in thinking about it from the human context, the primal perspective, the thing that touches you.” She obviously denies the purely functionalist approach to design, and believes that beauty is irreplaceable as a goal.

A Frame for Life The Designs of StudioIlse Ilse Crawford & Edwin Heathcote

In the past she has designed private residences, hotels, restaurants, retail projects and so on. Whatever she was working on, her designs were always sensual and accessible. The holistic approach to design was new when she was starting, but now it’s a rule, rather than exception. She has influenced a whole generation of designers, on both sides of the Atlantic. Along with the photographs, the book includes essays from Ilse and design critic Edwin Heathcote.

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