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Growing your own fruits and veggies is one of the greatest ideas ever. It has so many good sides to it. You’ll save money, avoid using pesticides and get healthy organic food. Also, it’s really creative and you’ll sure enjoy eating something you grew yourself.

You don’t need many skills, so don’t get intimidated. It’s really easy to grow these plants, you just need a nice place next to the window and to water your plants regularly. With these plants, your living space will look better and refreshed, and we promise you won’t regret doing it.

Take a look at this list of 8 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Easily Grow Indoors:

1 – Avocados

Avocado Plant

You can grow your own avocado plant. (photo source)

Avocados are one of those delicious superfoods. They contain a lot of healthy fats and vitamins, and can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and eye degeneration. If you want to grow it and still be able to eat it, the best decision is to get a dwarf avocado plant.

To make sure it grows in the best way possible, you can add some sand at the bottom of the pot and then fill it with regular potting mix. The pot should be large, and well-draining. You should water your avocado plant regular, but don’t add a lot of water, as the plant won’t react to it well.

Avocado Plant

This way, you’ll always have this delicious superfood. (photo source)

Even though it’s a dwarf plant, it can grow even higher than 10 feet, so make sure you keep in an area with high ceilings. You’ll know when it’s harvest time when the fruits skin starts to get a bit yellow. If you choose a darker variety, then it will become almost black. You can keep the fruit hanging for a couple of weeks, but make sure you don’t leave it for too long because it’ll lose the flavor.

2 – Carrots


You can grow carrots in a large pot, just keep them in a place with a lot of light and water regularly. (photo source)

Carrots are a great source of many vitamins and minerals. They supply carotenoids that will preserve your eye sight and are also good for the skin. You can use carrots in many recipes and they’re really delicious and easy to grow.

They should be planted in a pot that’s at least a foot and a half wide and deep, and that has drainage holes. You should first fill it with a humus-rich potting mix and water it before you plant the seeds. You can plant them in rows, one inch apart from one another. Don’t soak the soil in water but make sure in stays moisturized. Also, place the pot in an area that has a lot of light.


When you can see the top of the carrot, you can harvest. Just gently pull them out of the soil. (photo source)

They’re ready to harvest when you can see the carrot itself. Just pick them and pull straight up. Remove the greens, clean them from dirt and voila, they’re ready to eat. You can eat it raw, cook in soups or with other veggies. There are so many recipes you can find, so get down to business.

3 – Lemons


Having your own lemon tree will make your living space look better, and you’ll always have fresh healthy lemons. (photo source)

How great is it to grow your own lemons? They are full of Vitamins C, and great for fighting colds and inflammation. And it looks really nice to have a little lemon tree in your home.

First things first, get a large ceramic, clay or plastic pot. It should have holes in the bottom. To get air to circulate, put stones in the drainage dish. Get a potting mix specifically for citrus trees. You should keep your lemon tree in a place it will get 8 to 12 hours of sunlight each day and where the temperature gets between 55 and 85F.

Water it regularly and mist the leaves with the spray bottle. It will take six to nine months for them to grow. You should wait for them to get that full yellow color and then harvest. They will smell great and you can grate the skin of a lemon into a lemonade to give it a better taste.

4 – Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Oranges are sweet, delicious and really healthy. (photo source)

Mandarin Orange is one more fruit you can grow indoors. It looks good, and you’ll always have your own delicious and sweet little fruit. Mandarin Oranges are a source of antioxidants, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and fiber.

Similar with lemon tree, it’s best to put them in a spacious pot, so they can grow to the fullest. Get citrus potting mix, and make sure your plant has enough light. Rotate it from time to time so every part of the plant get sufficient light. Water it regularly like the lemon tree.

It can grow up to six feet, so you might need to place it in a bigger pot when the roots begin to grow back on themselves or out of the drainage holes. Harvest them when they turn orange. Don’t leave them hanging for too long so they don’t lose the flavor. Just twist the fruit and pull it from the tree.

5 – Microgreens


There are a lot of seed mixes you can use and combine in your pot. Microgreens are tasty additions to salads. (photo source)

How cute is it to have a big tray of greens? You can get different mixes like for example this seed mix — mesclun, kale, Swiss chard, basil, radish, and dill.

Get a shallow tray, often called a seeding tray, and fill it with potting mix. It should have drainage holes.  Sprinkle the seeds evenly and mist the soil with a spray bottle. You can keep the tray next to the window, so it gets enough light. Don’t soak the leaves, but water them regularly. The soil shouldn’t get dry.

They are ready for harvest when there’s about two set of  leaves and they are about one or two inches tall. Just cut the leaves with a pair of scissors, but make sure you don’t cut the roots. It will give you multiple harvests. You can eat them right away, or store somewhere. They can stay fresh up to five days if you keep them in a plastic bag and in refrigerator.

6 – Tomatoes


For the continuous supply of tomatoes, you should grow more plants. (photo source)

It’s great that when you’re preparing a salad you can just to come to your tomato plant, pick a few and use them, instead of buying tomatoes every single time you need them. And it’really easy to grow your own.

If you want one plant, six inch pot is perfect. If you want the continuous supply, you’ll need at least two. Plant the seeds in the pot filled with potting mix. You should plant them to be at least ¼ inch deep. Water the soil and keep the pot where it can get enough sunlight. From time to time, rotate the pot, so it gets even light.

When they’re about three inches tall, transplant them from starter mix to potting soil, and in about two weeks, add organic fertilizer. Indoor tomatoes won’t be as large as outdoor tomatoes, but will have the same taste. Harvest them when they get red and firm. Just clip or gently twist the fruit.

7 – Ginger

Ginger plant

Growing ginger is really simple, just follow a few simple steps. (photo source)

You can learn how to grow your own ginger plant. It can be used for several things from calming nausea, reducing inflammation and easing sore muscles. You can add it to many recipes, even learn how to make your own ginger beer.

It’s super easy to grow. You buy a chunk of ginger, put it in a container, cover with soil and wait for it to grow. It should receive indirect sunlight and the soil must be always moist. To harvest the plant, just pull it out of the soil, cut off how much you need, and replant it in the same way you did the first time. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

There are a bunch of delicious recipes with ginger. It goes well with chicken, rice, or other veggies.

8 – Mint


Mint is really healthy and you can use it in many recipes, from teas to dishes. (photo source)

Imagine making mojitos and adding fresh mint, directly from your stash. Mint is really tasty, it helps digestion and even hangovers. And the best thing about it is it’s really simple to grow.

First things first, buy the seeds. Mint will really sprawl, so you should use a large and deep pot. In that kind of pot, mint will grow wild. You fill the container with soil and plant the seeds. This plant should be placed somewhere with a lot of light and the soil shouldn’t get dry, so keep watering it regularly. That’s it! When you need it, just take a few leaves. You can use mint in teas, add it to different dishes and refreshing drinks.


With these 8 fruits and vegetables you can easily grow indoors, you’ll improve the atmosphere in your apartment or home (especially during the winter months!) and you can take satisfaction in providing for yourself!

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