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We live in the age of gender equality, feminism and just making sure that women have all their rights fulfilled – so we often refuse to accept that there are still differences between “us” and “them”. The thing is, there are. We are not talking about how coworkers treat us, who has an easier time getting the job and similar questions; we are talking about something nobody can deny. This is not a competition between men and women, this is just about how we approach our business lives in a different way. The facts below have been proven both scientifically and through experience and you will have a hard time proving them wrong. Also, we’re not saying that 100 percent of women are like what we are going to list below, just that the majority of us is.

So, if you want to find out how female entrepreneurs differ from their male companions, read on our list of eight biggest differences. See how some of our biological characteristics go in our favor or against us when it comes to the office job and devotion to business.

  1. Age

An older businesswoman

Have you heard recently of a young female entrepreneur?

It’s a fact that every now and again you are going to hear about this new young entrepreneur opening up a business that blossomed out of nowhere… and usually those entrepreneurs are male. We can name several of them just off the top of our head, like Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Waitt, Mike Hammond… and so on. These guys were in their twenties – or even younger – when they started their companies. But, off the top of your head, can you think of a young female with a strong business going on? Not that easy. We can easily think, though, of some older amazing businesswomen, like Oprah or Martha Stuart or… think of one yourself and you will notice that there is in fact this age difference. It’s not a good or a bad thing – just how things are. Men tend to start developing their companies at a much younger age, while the ladies usually work different jobs and try different things, or devote themselves to their family first, before they decide to go for it and make their own company.

  1. Multitasking

Superwoman multitasking

Superwomen like to do several things at once.

Well, you must have read about this before: women are natural multitaskers, while men… well, not so much. It’s genetics, biology and things like that. While men were focused on hunting and couldn’t have any distractions from their pray, women were sitting in caves with several kids, cooking, cleaning and doing all those other things – this dates back to when we weren’t wearing business suits at any occasions. So, this is one of the great advantages that women have over men – they’re capable of fulfilling several tasks at the same time and with a great quality. On the other hand, this sometimes leads them to overworking and trying to pull too much alone, which is hardly a trap men will fall into. They, on the other hand, are great at delegating their responsibilities, which cannot be considered a bad thing. They will find an employee to do the things they don’t want to or cannot do, rather than almost dying of exhaustion. This is also the reason their companies often have many more employees, and their companies grow much faster.

  1. Social skills

Woman sociable

Women have lots of friends and it’s very good for their work…

This one also goes back to way, way before any companies existed. Women are much more sociable than men, because they always used to spend much more time with other people. This is why the ladies tend to make many more friends or at least acquaintances in a shorter period, while the men, even if they are sociable, usually focus on just meeting the right people that can help them somewhere down the road. The thing is, friends are usually readier to help you than the people you just know from the office. And, since we live in a world where it’s much more important who you know than what you can actually do, women definitely have an advantage over men in this field. Whatever the situation is, a girl is probably going to be able to think of a distant friend of her friends who will be willing to step in and do what needs to be done, whether it’s translating a contract or just delivering the catering for the tomorrow’s business party.

  1. Funding

Woman with piggy bank

Unlike men, women like to fund their own work.

The funding part is very much connected to the age of the person starting a business. Consider it logically – if you’re in your 20s starting off, you probably won’t have much savings that you can use to open up a firm. You are going to need investors or you are going to have to borrow money from someone – and this is exactly how most companies founded by men are funded, at least at the beginning. When it comes to women, on the other hand, because of their older age when they are starting, they usually have some of their savings or earnings from previous jobs – and they invest in themselves. That is a great risk, especially if it took them ten or twenty years of hard work to earn that cash, but that is also a great motivation for them to make it work the first time around… because the second time probably won’t be possible.

  1. Tech VS Sales

A saleswoman and IT man

While women exceed expectations at marketing, men are much better at IT.

Many more men are IT experts, while women tend to find themselves in some other branches, like marketing, human resources and alike. As you can see by now, most of these characteristics are interconnected and have a lot to do with our cave ancestors. So, the sociable and friendly girls would much rather spend their business life with, well, other people, while the sole hunters choose computers, engineering and such sciences. We do have to say that this is not always the case and that there are more and more female IT “guys” as well as real estate salesmen who earn amazing sums. But, all in all, this is how they are divided, and this is usually what their companies are devoted to. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as opposed to Martha Stuart and Sara Blakely.

  1. Self-criticism

Self-criticizing woman

Yep, us girls like to self-criticize… men don’t have that problem.

Ah, yes. Girls are really prone to self-criticism, unlike their stronger halves. The thing is, if something bad happened to the company, if there was a failure of any kind, women would usually blame themselves. Guys wouldn’t, though. They would blame the market or their partners, employees or even their wives. Many people can take the blame, but not them – it’s a mindset characteristic for the male members of our society. The girls would feel bad, try to figure out what they did wrong – even if it wasn’t really their fault – and maybe even totally give up on the whole thing if something like that happened. This is something every woman should try practicing – thinking reasonably about what happened and trying to see where the problem was. And, even if it was their fault, there is no use of crying after something already happened – the strong ones get up and keep fighting.

  1. Partners

Female CEO and her employees

Women are, in this case, more likely to be alone at this one.

While men usually group up to make a company and are happier with their mates around, women, oddly, don’t. If they do decide to co-found a company with someone, they are more likely to choose a man than a woman to be their partner. Even more likely if the man is their husband or at least boyfriend. Maybe they know that, no matter how friendly they may seem, are much more likely to stab them in the back. Or maybe they just enjoy the company of the opposite sex and subconsciously decide to surround themselves with these amazing creatures. Who knows, us girls can be so weird sometimes…

  1. Purpose

Women cooperating

“We’re all in this together” mindset is often present in women’s minds.

When it comes to reason they start a business in the first place, there is something very interesting going on. Women, you see, like to focus on the greater good much more than men do. They like to invest in their family and in the community altogether. They are also much bigger philanthropists and enjoy having great relationships with their employees. They want to always see things from different perspectives and are ready to listen to other opinions in order to get things done in the right way. They are never afraid to ask for help and don’t mind working in a team. Men, on the other hand, are lone wolfs and would much rather do it alone and make a mistake than ask for directions. You know what we mean, don’t you?

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