7 Quirky & Modern Holiday Cards That Will Speak to Your Personality

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Christmas is near, and if you haven’t picked out any holiday cards to send to your friends and family yet, it’s high time you get down to work. If you want something a little different for this year, something original, a little quirky and modern, we’ve prepared a selection of 7 Quirky and Modern Holiday Cards. Our selection’s fit to suit anyone’s personality, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like in no time.

1 – Mistle-Toad Love Card | Funny Christmas Card

Mistle-toad holiday card with a green envelope.

We all know about the old tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. This one’s a must if you want to honor the holiday spirit. And you have to be familiar with the fairy tale where the princess kisses a toad and he turns back into a gorgeous prince. Well, when you combine these two and flip the words around a little bit, you get the Mistle-toad Christmas card. We must say, this one’s a pretty original pun that gives the holidays an unexpected twist. This card features a big green frog with a red ribbon on its back. If you want to ask someone for a kiss in a funny, and original way, this card’s perfect for you. If you just don’t have the guts, this card can do the trick. Things won’t get awkward, and if it doesn’t work, you can both just laugh it off. And it won’t leave the person who gets it offended in any way. This card’s designed for all the jokers out there. The envelope’s available in green, red, ivory, turquoise, and pink.

BUY | $4

2 – Ho Ho Ho, Ho Christmas Card | Best Friend Christmas Card

Ho Ho Ho, Ho funny Christmas card for best friend.

Well, this one’s another winner for sending to best friends. On the other hand, if you send it to someone you’re not such good friends with, they might misinterpret it. To avoid making enemies at Christmas time, only send this card to people you’re in close contact with and those with a good sense of humor. This is another card that’s funny thanks to the word game and a simple use of a comma. The Ho Ho Ho, Ho Christmas card’s a simple yet effective and funny card. It’s made of recycled paper and the packaging’s also biodegradable, so it’s eco-friendly. About the message, what else do we need to say, it’s not Santa’s fault, it’s just our dirty minds. It’s a perfect card to send to a good friend and the blank space inside allows you to really express yourself.

BUY | $5

3 – Hand Lettered Holiday Card Set | Illustrated Christmas Cards with Holiday Wreath

Classic Christmas card saying Marry Christmas, with illustrated wreath, with white envelope.

These Christmas cards are available in sets of 8 or 24 cards. This is a great deal on the package if you want to send all your loved ones a uniformed Christmas card. This way, everyone will know they matter to you and no one can be jealous of the card someone else got. They’ll all get this beautiful, classic, detailed card. These cards are 100% hand made, which means a lot of effort, love and Christmas cheer are included in each one. These are Illustrated and Hand Lettered Christmas Cards in full color, with the text saying Merry Christmas, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful, cheerful, floral wreath. The cards are blank inside, and they come with white envelopes for each one. Since you’re ordering the whole set, and they’re beautifully designed, we’re sure you’ll want to keep at least one card for yourself.

BUY | from $10

4 – Letterpress Holiday Cards: Set of 10 Let it Snow (Penguin) cards

Let it snow Penguin holiday cards, front view and laid tilted.

This is a wonderful set of Holiday cards. How could you not love the Penguin cards? It’s just not fair towards the competition. Of course, we’ll all fall for the snowflakes and cute little penguins, especially in the winter. This set contains 10 ‘Let it Snow’ Cards, printed on 100% cotton paper, and each one comes with an envelope. The cards feature a sky of impressed snowflakes, and at the bottom right area, there are four little black penguins printed along with the below text ‘let it snow’. This is also a familiar and merry, Christmassy phrase to really make your holidays enjoyable and stress-free. The inside or the card is blank so you can craft your own wishes and greet your loved ones with a more personal message. These are also available as single cards, but we’d definitely suggest that you get the whole set for these will be sold out very fast, and there’ll be no turning back. As for the shipping, you don’t have to worry about the cards getting damaged or torn because they’ll be safely packed inside a protective plastic box. The card dimensions are 4.25″x5.5″ when folded.

BUY | $30

5 – Old Fashioned Christmas | Drink Christmas Card

Old Fashioned Christmas Drink Christmas Card, outside view and inside view with recipe, on a wood table.

If you’ve got a friend who knows just how to enjoy a good ol’ glass of whisky, the Old Fashioned Christmas card is the perfect Christmas card to send. Yes, the classic cards that say ‘’Merry Christmas!’’ are nice, but people will appreciate a change, especially if it’s the one that talks about their habits. This card’s illustrated and it has a caption that says “HAVE AN old fashioned CHRISTMAS”. Underneath the caption is the star of the show, a glass of whisky on the rocks. There’s an additional Christmas motif pinned to the orange on the glass edge. There are two available versions of this card, one that’s blank inside, and the other that has a recipe for a drink included. The card comes with a brown envelope. The recipe inside’s the formula what you need to do to make the drink featured on the card and enjoy it. Whether your friend’s already familiar with preparing the perfect Old Fashioned or you simply think he or she should learn how to do it for Christmas cheer, this is the card to get. You can even get the blank one and come up with a recipe of your own, or simply wish your friend all the best in the card – it’s totally up to you!

BUY | $4.50

6 – Hanukkah Foods Card | Latke Card

6. Hanukkah Foods Card Latke Card, on a white background, with envelope.

This festive and fun card, featuring delicious foods eaten around Hanukkah, is perfect for celebrating the holidays! Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday also known as the Feast of Dedication. Since this holiday’s already behind us this year, the Hanukkah Food Card’s left for the rest of us who love the Christmas feasts a little more than we should, to have some fun with it. If you have a friend or a family member who’s a bit of a gourmand, this funny and thoughtful card will surely make you their favorite person this holiday season. Especially if it comes along with a doughnut or something they love the most. This is another quirky handmade card on cardstock. The card’s dimensions are standard, 5.5″ x 4.25″ folded, and it comes with a white envelope. The inside’s blank for your personal message. On the outside, the centered text says ‘’HAVE A DELICIOUS HANNUKAH’’, while a number of different foods are featured along the borders, also with captions. If you prefer the classic Christmas cards and don’t like confusing the holidays, not even as a joke, you can get this card to send it to someone for Hanukkah next year.

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7 – Let It Snow – TV Show Christmas Card | Pop Culture Christmas Card

7. Let It Snow - TV Show Christmas Card featuring Jon Snow, on a green paper, with green envelope.

This trendy Christmas card features a hand drawn illustration of Jon Snow, along with the text that says “Let it Snow”. For all those Game of Thrones die hard fans, the Let It Snow Christmas Card is the ultimate card to get. The humor’s based on another word game, and it couldn’t have been more successful. The card dimensions are standard A2, and it comes with an envelope in turquoise, red, pink, ivory, or green. The material of the card’s 100% recycled felt/cotton card stock, in natural white color. The inside of the card’s blank so you can add your own personal message, but you can also submit the text you want to be printed on the inside and you’ll receive the card with your custom text. This one’s going to draw a smile on faces of anyone familiar with the Game of Thrones, and those real fans of the series will be overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness for their passion. Since Snow bled out in the snow in the series, and snow’s also spread all over the card background, this holiday card’s more than funny, and contains a snow overload.

BUY | $4


If you still haven’t come to a decision, ask someone to help you, because time’s running out and the cards are almost sold out. Merry Christmas!

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