7 Modern and Unique MacBook Cases

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While you’re looking at protecting your MacBook, why not get a stylish upgrade as well? This selection of modern and unique MacBook cases includes handmade, practical, and versatile options.

  1. Forest Photography hard plastic case
Forest Photography Hard Plastic Case for MacBook Pro Retina Display and MacBook Air Case. Gray background.

During a long day at the office, this green forest’s a perfect place to rest your eyes on.

The Forest Photography hard plastic case by Dessi Designs is available for the MacBook Air 11”, MacBook Air 13”, MacBook Pro Retina Display 13” and MacBook Pro Retina Display 15”. If you’re the proud owner of one of these, you’ll be even happier when you tuck it into this beautiful protective case made of hard transparent plastic and printed with UV ink. This case, with or without the Apple logo, is the product of Desislava Ilieva of Dessi Designs and photographer Lili Tomova.

BUY | $66.50

  1. 12 inch MacBook Pro Case – Light grey felt & brown leather
12 inch MacBook Pro Case - Light grey felt & brown leather. On a desk with some flowers in a vase, white curtain and picture frame on a green wall in the background.

The thick virgin merino wool felt and high-quality leather offer great MacBook protection and a pinch of style.

If you’re looking for a soft and stylish protective case for your laptop, this Felt & Leather 12″ Laptop Case by SANTI is a great choice. It’s 100% handmade, using 3mm thick virgin merino wool felt and 1.5 mm cow leather for a classic and stylish look. This bag has two snap closures that make it super easy to open and close, and they don’t make direct contact with your laptop so it won’t suffer any scratches or damage. It’s also got an additional leather pocket for your phone, pen or other small items, and while it’s made to fit a 12 inch MacBook, you can order it in different dimensions to fit any laptop.

BUY |$57

  1. Leather MacBook Pro and Apple Air Case
Leather MacBook case, black, held in horizontal position and in vertical position.

This simple and elegant MacBook case’s made of Horween Dublin Leather and you can have your initials inscribed on the cover.

If you want a safe and modern pack for your Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro, or Apple MacBook Air, just choose your option depending on the laptop model and size and order this smart leather case. The Leather MacBook and Apple Air Case by Oleksyn Prannyk is made of Horween Dublin Leather with 100% wool felt lining, and it can be personalized by adding your name or initials on the cover. This leather sleeve’s traditionally handmade, so every piece is unique and can have slight variations. Soft and durable, this case will thoroughly protect your laptop while being super sleek and simple at the same time.

BUY | from $70

  1. Wood Effect MacBook Case – Top and Bottom Hard Plastic MacBook Case
Wood Effect MacBook Case - Top and Bottom Hard Plastic MacBook Case on a wooden table.

This is a great protective case if you’re looking for the warm wooden look.

With MacBook Cases and Co, you don’t only get protection from physical damage, you also get a unique design that’s sure to draw attention and serve as a conversation starter. TheWood Effect MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Case is made from two-piece hard plastic for maximum protection with a clear bottom piece and a top piece with a magnificent wood print and matte finish. The appropriate cuts have been made to provide port access and the ability to use all the features of the device without removing it from the case. This specific print’s really unique and it brings a warm wood look.

BUY |$54

  1. Hard Plastic Monochrome Triangle Pattern MacBook Case
Hard Plastic Monochrome Triangle Pattern MacBook Case on a gray background.

This modern case’s unique design’s available in two options, with the black or white base color and the opposite color triangles.

This case is something completely different from everything we’ve talked about so far. Brought to you by Dessi Designs, the hand-drawn print on this Monochrome MacBook Pro Case features small white triangles on a black surface that were each drawn by hand. You also have a white option for the dominant color, with black triangles. The two-piece hard plastic case is sturdy and protective, but the black and white geometric print is super modern and unique.

BUY |$62

  1. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina 13 Sleeve Case
MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina 13 Sleeve Case in light gray and dark gray, on a desk along with some photos.

This is another winner case if you’re looking for more of a protective bag with classic stylish looks.

Another winner for all of you who prefer soft sleeve cases for protecting your laptops is the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina 13 Sleeve Case made by the JY Custom Workshop. Another great detail that can be added to your case is a monogram, so if you want one, just make a request when placing your order. Also, if you don’t want the decorative hanger, it can be removed at request. This sleeve is made of 3mm thick high-quality felt, and it’s available in dark grey or light grey. The leather color’s Reddish, but this is also customizable. The sleeve has one main pocket for storing your MacBook, and a front pocket to carry your small accessories, notebook, phone, etc. There’s also a big back pocket with leather flap. The buttons contain magnets for easy access and closure.

BUY | from $24

  1. Handmade Vegan 12’’ and 13’’ MacBook Sleeve
White 12’’ and 13’’ MacBook Sleeve, Handmade, 100% Vegan, tilted on a gray background.

This case’s elegant, functional, and has a pocket for small accessories.

This sleek Vegan Leather MacBook Sleeve’s handmade from felt, an elastic strap, vegan leather, and polyester. The soft felt on the inside offers subtle protection against scratching while the PVC offers external protection. This unique and modern design’s brought to you by SnuggaBugga from Tel-Aviv. It’s ideal for 12’’ and 13’’ MacBooks, but just double check the dimensions to see if it’ll fit your laptop. We love the multi-functional nature of this sleeve with its pocket for carrying small accessories, and the removable elastic strap’s there to secure your valuables. If you really like this case, but want it in another color, or to fit another type of device, you can contact the manufacturer to make a custom order.

BUY |$44

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