5 Winter Accessories Your Closet Needs

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When winter strikes, you have to be ready. If you don’t have the proper winter clothing and accessories, here’s our short list of 5 winter accessories your closet needs. With these accessories, winter will no longer be the time when you stay at home all day. With proper clothing, you can go out and enjoy all the perks this season brings while looking elegant and stylish and feeling perfectly warm and cozy.

1 – Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is basically an oversized square-shaped scarf. What’s really great about it is that it’s really big so you can wear it in many different ways. This is a great accessory for the winter season, and you can even wear it in the fall. It’s cute and fluffy and it will definitely keep you warm. You can wear a scarf with virtually any piece of clothing, a jacket, or a coat, and it will complete the look perfectly. A nice scarf can make even dull and simple styles look interesting, refined and fun. The blanket scarf gives you so many options for how to wear it and if you use your creativity, you can achieve astonishing effects.

ASOS Woven Oversized Scarf With Overprinted Check

A woman wearing a tan jacket and ASOS Woven Oversized Scarf With Overprinted Check, left, and the scarf unfolded on the right.

The Woven Oversized Scarf With Overprinted Check is a piece from the ASOS Collection. It features woven fabric and oversized design with fringe detail. The dimensions of this product are 150cm/59’’ x 150cm/59’’. The soft acrylic material will keep you all warm and cozy and this scarf is long enough for you to experiment with and make or break fashion rules. If you’re traveling in the winter, you can also use the scarf as an actual blanket. The classic check design with dominant black and grey brings a dose of elegance and sophistication.

BUY | $24.50

Colorblock Airy Knit Blanket Scarf

A woman wearing a black jacket and Colorblock Airy Knit Blanket Scarf by Urban Outfitters. left, and the scarf partly folded on the right.

The Colorblock Airy Knit Blanket Scarf by Urban Outfitters is a huge blanket scarf with the length of 90’’ and the width set at 68’’. If you’re aiming for the chic look this winter, then this scarf is a must-have. It features a soft and airy knit with subtle, color blocked pattern. This scarf is so big that you just have to get creative and find many different ways to wear it. You can make all sorts of knots and ties or you can simply let this dreamy blanket scarf drape down your body. There are two color choices available: rust and grey.

BUY | $30

2 – Pom Pom Cap

Keep your head warm in the winter with a cute and fun pom pom cap. These bobble hats aren’t just children’s items – they make a stylish accessory for grown-ups, too. Just keep it simple and elegant and it’ll suit any style perfectly. There’s a good reason these hats are still popular. It’s the stylish detailing and quality that makes them a desirable item for the colder days. This classic cap with a wobbly add-on will work perfectly with matching style coats or jackets, in winter and fall seasons. Many of these hats feature detachable pom poms so you can wash your cap easily or you can switch pom poms to change styles and have some fun. Pommed baseball caps also look modern and can help you cover up your bad hair day. Most of these caps are made from wool so they’re very comfortable and soft and fit any head size. The fur pom pom gives it an interesting twist.

COLLECTION 18 Rabbit Fur Pompom Wool Baseball Hat

COLLECTION 18 Rabbit Fur Pompom Wool Baseball Hat, Dark Grey, tilted, on a white background.

The COLLECTION 18 Rabbit Fur Pompom Wool Baseball Hat is a prime example of a pom pom cap. It’s got all the characteristics a good pom pom hat should have. It’s shaped just like a baseball cap so it features that recognizable and classic style. It’s made from wool so it’s naturally comfortable, breathable and waterproof. It also has a faux leather brim that measures about 2.75’’ as well as a cotton band. The pompom is made from dyed rabbit fur that originates from China. This item is spot clean, and it’s available in two color variations, black and charcoal grey. These colors are a great choice as they can suit any style and go well with a number of different colors.

BUY | $36

3 – Leather Mittens

Just like you need to protect your head and neck during the cold winter days, your hands also need your attention. Getting a pair of gloves or leather mittens for the winter season is very important. Your hands are very likely to freeze when it’s cold outside as they’re exposed to the elements the most. Mittens are there to keep your hands nicely tucked in to stay warm and protected from the cold winter air, rain and snow. Besides the warmth and comfort they provide, mittens also represent a stylish add-on. Get a pair that works best with your favorite winter jacket and cap and complete your look. When you’re all geared up, it would be foolish to go out without your mittens.

Pieces Suede Mittens

Tan Pieces Suede Mittens laid in opposite directions.

The Suede Mittens by Pieces are classic tan mittens made from 70% real suede leather and 30% polyester. The traditional mitten shape finishes with faux shearling cuff. They provide a good fit and will keep your hands warm and protected. They’re soft and feature a simple yet stylish design with a nice contrast of the tan suede body and white cuff.

BUY | $33.50

The Hestra Women’s Deerskin Primaloft Mitten

Dark Brown Hestra Women's Deerskin Primaloft Mittens pointing up, on a white background.

The Hestra Deerskin Primaloft Mitten is designed to keep you warm even during the coldest winter days. It features a deerskin shell on the outside and brushed polyester lining on the inside. The PrimaLoft insulation makes this mitten perfectly warm and cozy even in harshest weather conditions. They also feature an elastic lamb fur cuff for easy slip-on and for additional comfort. These casual and classic mittens come it two options: tan and dark brown.

BUY | $120

4 – Turtleneck Sweaters

This goes without saying, having a few turtleneck sweaters is essential to get through the winter season. Everybody knows that. You can’t go around in shirts all year long; it’s just not practical or fun. The cold days call for sweaters with long sleeves and with high collars. With turtleneck sweaters you just can’t go wrong. Besides keeping you all warm and cozy, these also look very elegant and stylish. The close fitting high round collar can cover up your neck completely or you can fold it over to slightly expose your neck. These sweaters have been around for a long time, and they’re still going strong as they’re associated with academic and profound style of intellectuals, philosophers and artists. Besides the polo neck feature, these sweaters also do a great job emphasizing your figure. What else do you need? This is the perfect winter accessory that will keep you warm and make you look elegant and neat at the same time.

Ketby Turtleneck by John + Jenn

Two photos of a woman wearing white trousers and black Ketby Turtleneck by John + Jenn, zommed in and zoomed out.

A prime example of this kind of sweater is the Ketby Turtleneck by John + Jenn. It features the characteristic pullover styling and it comes in two options: dark grey and cream. The materials used to manufacture it are Acrylic, nylon, cotton and wool sweater knit fabric. This sweater will warm you up nicely and upgrade your dressing style instantly and effortlessly. The two color options allow you to easily incorporate a turtleneck with various combinations, so we suggest that you have a sweater for every occasion and for many matching outfits.

BUY | $128

Silence + Noise Abigail Turtleneck Sweater

Two photos of a woman wearing a grey Silence + Noise Abigail Turtleneck Sweater, whole figure and zoomed in.

The Silence + Noise Abigail Turtleneck Sweater is another modern option of a classic turtleneck sweater. It’s brought to you by the progressive brand Silence + Noise and it features a relaxed and slouchy silhouette. It’s waist-cut with side slits and long sleeves. The materials used are cotton and acrylic and the fabric has a beautiful ribbed texture. The sweater is available in ivory, green and dark grey so if you want versatility, it’s right there in different color options. You have to make sure you have at least a couple of different turtlenecks that will work great with most outfits.

BUY | $67

5 – Thermal Tights

Every girl needs to have at least one pair of nice and warm thermal tights when the cold days strike. This is a sleek piece of clothing that keeps your legs warm without adding the bulk to your looks. You can wear them when you want to wear a skirt in the winter. They run from the waist all the way down to your toes to keep you all tucked in.

ASOS 200 Denier Thermal Tights

Lower body and legs of a person wearingASOS 200 Denier Thermal Tights, side view and front view.

The ASOS 200 Denier Thermal Tights are a piece that features high-rise waist and soft stretch fabric. The materials used are 96% Nylon and 4% Elastane and the fabric has a 200 denier thermal finish. This item should only be hand washed. The ASOS brand is well known for integrity so all aspects of their business are transparent. This means that you can rest assured that no living beings are being hurt and there’s are no environmental problems caused in the process of producing these fashionable products for you.

BUY | $12

Fleece Lined Full Tight by Urban Outfitters

Lower body and legs of a person wearing a short skirt, boots, and Fleece Lined Full Tight by Urban Outfitters, grey (left), and black ribbed (right).

The Fleece Lined Full Tight by Urban Outfitters is a cool piece of winter wear that adds an extra dose of warmth without the bulk. It’s made from polyester and spandex so the fabric is very soft and stretchable, providing a perfect and comfortable fit. The waist band at the top makes it stay perfectly in place. These tights are available in three different options: dark grey, black and black ribbed.

BUY | $14

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