5 Stunning Ways to Store Your Jewelry

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We’re firm believers that beautiful jewelry deserves a beautiful place to hang out. The best place is on your body but everything can’t always be worn, so beautiful storage is the next best option. These 5 stunning ways to store your jewelry should do the trick.


1. Mixed-media Vanity Organizer by Anthony Keeler

vanity organizer anthropologie

We love the use of mixed materials – this vanity organizer, available from Anthropologie, is made from beech wood, metal, plastic, and mirrored glass. It’s simple, clean, and great for small spaces, and can be used to store your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.


2. Minimalist Ring Holder by Honeycomb Studio

porcelain ring holder honeycomb studio stunning jewelry storage

This minimalist ring holder is stunning in its simplicity. Handmade from porcelain, the gold leaf adds to the modern silhouette. Available in other colors including navy and emerald, you’ll find the one to suit your taste perfectly.


3. Aimee Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror by UO

aimee jewelry storage urban outfitters stunning

This unique design is a great option for someone short of vanity or desk space because it’s wall hanging jewelry storage. The half-circle mirror is a nice touch, and the mirrored glass and bronze metal combo is ultra chic. While it’s not ideal for rings or earrings, it’s the perfect option to keep your necklaces tangle free.


4. Curio Jewelry Stand by Umbra

umbra curio jewelry stand

This jewelry stand‘s got it all. Made from white metal, the chrome knobs are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets, and a perforated wall is the perfect match for your earrings. And the raised edges make a little dish perfect for your rings and other small items.


5. Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand by Little Deer

copper pipe jewelry stand

This is another jewelry stand perfect for keeping your necklaces, although you could easily hang bracelets as well. The copper pipes give an industrial vibe while the rose gold color adds a touch of femininity. Handmade in Brighton, UK, the stand is sanded, polished and sprayed to protect the copper. Why not get a matching clothing rail while you’re at it?


With these five options for jewelry storage, you can have something as stunning as it is practical!

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