5 Canadian Websites for Shopping Outdoor Sports and Lifestyle Goods

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It seems like there’s a new outdoor goods or lifestyle brand popping up in the US every other day, but what sort of action is going on in Canada? If you live up North, you know it’s a real pain to shop online from US retailers because of the duties, import, and shipping fees, but they seem like the only stores with the goods. Right? Wrong.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite Canadian websites for shopping outdoor sports and lifestyle goods:

1. MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op)

mec mountain equipment co-op store

MEC is Canadian through and through. Founded in the 1970s in Vancouver, MEC is outdoor sporting goods store that sells and rents everything you could need for camping, hiking, biking, climbing, fishing, rowing and more. MEC is committed to giving back with 1% of gross sales going to environmental initiatives. Because it’s a co-op, you have to be a member to buy or rent gear from MEC, but a lifetime membership only costs $5.


2. Altutide-Sports

altitude sports montreal store

Altitude-Sports first opened in Montreal in 1984, and launched their e-commerce site in 1999. Founded with an initial focus on hiking, camping, and travel, they’ve since expanded their product offering to other outdoor sports including skiing, snowboarding, and running. You can find everything you need – from clothing to equipment – for any outdoor activity. They also have a great blog, altitude-blog.com, if you want to read about everything outdoors in Canada.


3. The Last Hunt


TheLastHunt.com is an Altitude Sports partner website and is Canada’s only website uniquely dedicated to discount outdoor clothing and equipment. Shop here for ski and snowboard brands, performance outdoor brands, outdoor lifestyle brands, and even street and urban brands. If you don’t give a hoot about buying last season’s colours, then TheLastHunt.com is for you!


4. Live Out There

live out there website online

LiveOutThere.com is another Canadian outdoor goods store. It makes our list because the site offers free shipping and free returns! The store is still growing it’s online presence, so the brand offering isn’t extensive, but they definitely carry some of the essentials. They’ve got a great sale rack and outlet section too, and be sure to check out their discount partner site thevan.ca as well!


5. Camp Brand Goods

camp brand goods

Camp Brand Goods is an independent label that was born and raised here in Canada, so it finishes off our list. Founded in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies (Calgary), Camp Brand features clothing for men, women and kids, hats, and accessories including enamel mugs, patches, and stickers. We love how this label oozes Canadiana – the graphics are designed in Calgary and printed in Vancouver.

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