5 Best Hats for Summer Adventures

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If you’re like us when it comes to summer, all you want to do is be outdoors! Fresh air, cool waters, and hot weather. While sunscreen is a pretty obvious pick when it comes to protecting yourself from the potentially damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, throwing on a hat is another really great and easy way to do so. And not only will it protect your face, neck and even shoulders from the sun, it’ll also work to keep you cooler by protecting your head from radiant heat.

Here are our five picks for the best hats for summer adventures:

1. Patagonia P6 LoPro Trucker Hat – $29

patagonia womens p6 trucker hat

A trucker hat is an easy way to incorporate some street style into your look while still being practical. This P6 Trucker Hat from Patagonia is a favourite amongst outdoor adventurers and for good reason: it’s durable, affordable, comes in a whole bunch of colours and styles, and plain ol’ does the job. Featuring the OG Patagonia logo, an organic cotton canvas brim, polyester mesh back panel for breathability, and adjustable snapback, throw yours on for an afternoon at the market or on the lake. Get it at Backcountry.


2. Outdoor Research Papyrus Brim Hat – $33

outdoor research papyrus brim hat

photo: tetongravity.com

This hat is built with woven paper straw that makes it really breathable. It also features a Supplex® lining that provides UPF 30 protection, so you don’t have to worry about burning your melon. A removable chinstrap keeps the hat in place when the afternoon winds pick up, so you’ll always have your hands free for whatever activity you’re up to. Word on the street is it also floats, so even if it blows off while you’re kayaking or boating, you should be able to retrieve it no problem. The Outdoor Research Papyrus Brim Hat is available at Backcountry and REI in three different sizes and three different colourways.


3. Kavu Synthetic Strapcap – $30

kavu synthetic strapcap

This cap is perfect for the most sporty of outdoor adventures including climbing, hiking, rafting and whatever else floats your boat. Made from synthetic nylon, the hat dries quickly after light rain showers. The smaller bill won’t get in your way and it’s also black underneath, which reduces glare and will protect your peepers from the sun. The hat comes in 7 different colours and the strap patterns vary from hat to hat. A buckle closure means you can get the best fit possible. Grab yours from Backcountry.


4. Outdoor Research Helios Sun Hat – from $25outdoor research helios hat

This is one of the more technical hats on our list. While not suited to everyday, casual use, it’s perfect for whatever outdoor adventures and activities you get up to. This hat is the ultimate sun hat, protecting your head with UPF 50+ SolarShield fabric that’s lightweight and breezy. The Coolmax headband wicks moisture to keep you even cooler, and the external drawstring and removable chin cord gives you that perfect, secure fit. It also has a foam-stiffened brim, so it floats! The Helios Hat is available in 7 different colours and in sizes M through to XL. Grab yours at Backcountry or REI.


5. Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat – $29

sunday afternoons havana hat tan
Our final pick is the most fashion-forward of the bunch. This hat is great for more casual, everyday settings like picnics, shopping, sightseeing, or drinks on a terrace, but it still provides incredible UPF 50+ protection. It features a 2.5 inch wide brim that’ll keep your face and neck shaded, and an internal sweatband keeps moisture off your brow. It comes in two sizes and you can find it at REI.


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