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Just browse through summer fashion magazines or paparazzi pictures of celebrities in their swimwear or, if you are lucky enough to live on the coast, go down to your local beach and you will definitely notice a trend – mix and match bikinis. Pink top with a neon green bottom, stripes at the top and polka dots at the bottom, bandeau top with a tie side bottom….. Combinations are endless! And fun! Gone are the days of boring, block color bikinis that simply had to match and we say good riddance to them.

Although this swimwear trend allows you to be adventurous and creative as much as you want to, there are certain rules to wearing mix and match bikinis. For instance, it would be wise not to match two colors that are only one or two subtle shades apart. Do not match large pieces that provide full coverage with skimpy ones. Basically, full coverage piece should go with another full coverage piece, and skimpy piece should go with another skimpy piece.

Steer clear from mixing two materials that couldn’t be more different – for example, crochet and neoprene. By all means, match the same or similar materials. If you are absolutely confident that you can make two different prints look good, go for it. Prints are the trickiest to do so try to have at least one or two same colors in both prints. Also, combine a solid color with a print only if that solid color is incorporated into the print. The safest bet would be to match two solid colors.

Here is one brand which selection of mix and match brands we really liked. It is called Splendid and it prides itself in clothes and swimwear that are „effortlessly chic”. Before we show you our top picks from Splendid, please note that all of these tops and bottoms go together so you can create the style that suits you the most or get a few individual mix and match pieces. These are our favorites:

1. Sporty Blues Triangle Bikini Top – This top is made from Nylon, Polyester, Rayon and Spandex and comes with removable soft cups and a heat tested clasp closure on the back. As the name suggests, it has a sporty fit and because its colors are quite soft and not overpowering, you can match it with a variety of other colors and prints.

Splendid Women's Sporty Blues Triangle Bikini Top

2. Palm Beach Prep Tunnel Bikini Bottom – This is a stripy bottom that goes with the Sporty Blues Triangle Bikini Top. You can also mix and match it with a block color top in one of the two colors of this bikini bottom – gun metal blue or coral pink. Palm Beach Prep Tunnel Bikini Botton provides moderate coverage, has an adjustable tunnel detail on the side and mini strip design sewn on the bias. It is made from Polyester and Spandex.

Splendid Women's Palm Beach Prep Tunnel Bikini Bottom

3. Sporty Blues Brief Bikini Bottom – Similar in design and colors to our previous two picks, Sporty Blues Brief Bikini Bottom gives a great side coverage, it has a sporty fit and a cute mini navy stripe side detail. It is made from Polyester, Rayon and Spandex.

Splendid Women's Sporty Blues Brief Bikini Bottom

4. Blocked and Blue Sports Bikini TopThis is one of those bikini tops that will hold everything in place and provide you with an excellent coverage. Because of its color (a combination of soft gun metal blue and coral pink), it is perfect for mixing and matching and it will go well with many different prints and patterns. This is a typical sport fit bikini top with a front zipper and racer back sport detail. it is made from Polyester, Rayon and Spandex.

Splendid Women's Blocked and Blue Sports Bikini Top

5. Blocked and Blue Banded Bikini BottomThe perfect match for Blocked and Blue Bikini Top. However, if you are feeling more creative, you can match it with just about any color. Blocked and Blue Banded Bikini Bottom has a very cool and pratical detail – a fold over waist bend which allows you to have more or less coverage. This is ideal for those ladies who have a bit of a belly and are not too happy about it. This bikini bottom also has a side detail coverage and a solid fabrication throughout. It is made from Nylon and Spandex.

Splendid Women's Blocked and Blue Banded Bikini Bottom

6. Blocked and Blue Underwire Bikini TopThis bikini top is perfect for larger breasts because of its molded cup which gives a better, more structured shape. It also has heat tested hardware clasps and adjustable straps so you can choose the level of support. The materials used in making this bikini top are Polyester, Rayon and Spandex.

Splendid Women's Blocked and Blue Underwire Bikini Top

7. Blocked and Blue Tunnel Bottom NavyThis is a really cute bikini bottom that provides moderate seat coverage and has tunnel sides with ties. You can match it with a Splendid solid top for a trendy look or pair it with a matching color block if you are going for something more conservative. It is made from Polyester, Rayon, Spandex and Nylon.

Splendid - Blocked and Blue Tunnel Bottom Navy

8. Blocked and Blue Triangle Bikini Top NavyThis is a racy little number that comes in solid navy color with coral blocking. It also has coral ties at the neck and back and removable soft cups. Again, you can pair this top with every single bikini bottom that we featured here and it will look great. Blocked and Blue Triangle Bikini Top Navy is made from Polyester, Rayon, Spandex and Nylon.

Blocked and Blue Triangle Bikini Top Navy

In the end, it’s very important that you wash and dry your swimwear properly so it can last you a long time. Rinse it out immediately after use because exposure to sunscreen, salt or chlorinated water, sweat, skin oils, dirt and sand can do a lot of damage to delicate swimwear fabric. The rule of a thumb is that washing machine is not recommended for swimsuits even if you set it on the gentle cycle. But, if you prefer to wash this way, make sure that you put your swimsuit in a mesh bag or pillowcase thus minimizing the risk of tear and stretch.

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