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Fashion is full of rules. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what goes well together, and what items we should avoid. Of course, some rules are made to be broken, not everyone has the same taste and style.

When it comes to basics, you can never go wrong following some simple tricks and tips. Use these tips and always look great, no matter what you wear:


1 – Embrace your shape. Each piece of clothing will fit a different body type. You can always find something that fits you the best. Consider your proportions and scale.  Don’t dress for the body you want to have, dress for the body you already have.  

2 – When showing skin, it is always better to focus on one body part and show it off, rather than trying to show too much skin everywhere. So legs or cleavage, never both.

3 – Loose and tight go well with each other. You shouldn’t wear just baggy, or just tight clothes. If you are conscious about your body, you should know what parts should be covered and what not. For example, if you want to hide your belly, wear tight leggings and a loose, baggy shirt.

4 – If you have body issues, don’t fear dresses. It is wrong to believe they are made just for thin and fit people. Dresses come in so many shapes and designs, there is a perfect one for all of us. Try to find the one that is made for your body type, and when you do, we promise you won’t fear dresses anymore.

5 – When wearing pants, learn about the distance between the crotch and the waistband. That is critical for a good fit. Of course, you can always easily alter your pants.  


6 – Try to always keep your closet clean. Don’t be the closet hoarder. If you haven’t worn something for more than a year, consider parting with it. Donate all the clothes you don’t wear; it’ll make more space in your closet and help someone in need.   

7 – Having your own style is awesome, but don’t get too narrow-minded when it comes to clothes. From time to time buy something you think is great, but not your style. Experiment with the material, colors and designs. You never know what can surprise you. A touch of contrast or an element of surprise will make an outfit great.

8 – Always have a stylish coat. When the weather is bad, many people will see you just in your coat. What you have beneath could even be pajamas. So pick out the coat with the silhouette that speaks to you and wisely choose the color. If you live somewhere where it rains often and you have high chances of it getting dirty quickly, try and avoid a light-colored coat.

9 – Jumpsuits often come back. If they’re subtle or have a vintage taste, you’re good to go. But if they have bright colors, patterns, and prints, always look for a second opinion. Don’t trust jumpsuits, you could be wrong.

10 – Menswear is something you can pull off from time to time. For example, big shirts can go well with a casual outfit.

11 – A great pair of jeans is something worth investing in. They can last for years and you’ll wear them with pretty much anything.


12 – If you want to keep your clothes monotone and simple, try experimenting with textures. There are many subtle textures you can pull off that will make you look even more stylish while keeping a simple look.

13 – You can pull off a leather jacket with basically anything. They’re a piece of clothing that works great with both casual and classy looks. Having one in your closet will always be a plus. Also, you can wear them for many years, as they never get out of fashion and will stay in great condition for a long time. A worthy investment for sure!

14 – When it comes to denim, if you are in a doubt about the size, always go with the smaller size. Denim will stretch, so you don’t have to worry about it being too tight. This way, your pants won’t be too baggy.

15 – Quality over quantity. Yes, we all like sales, but don’t buy ‘fast fashion’ made of lousy materials. It’s always better to invest in a well-made, timeless piece of clothing than to buy too many trendy, low-quality outfits.


16 – If you have a lot of neutral colors in your closet your accessories should be bright and versatile. Also, you can try wearing a bag and shoes in two different colors that go well with each other.

17 – Don’t fear color. Be brave sometimes and wear a bolder color with the neutral ones. If you want to go even further, combine two bold colors that are compatible with each other.

18 – Hand-wash your delicate clothes. Take care of them because if you don’t, they’ll look old and lose their color just after a few washes.

19 – When wearing white, always check yourself out under a bright light. In the daylight, some white clothes are see-through. And always be sure to wear skin-colored undergarments!

20 – A white shirt, black trousers, and red lipstick will always work great together. Also, a black blazer is something that goes well with most things.


21 – Shirts with stripes are always in. Navy/white and red/white especially. You can combine them with casual wear, but they also work well for a night out.

22 – Not everyone likes it, but leopard print is always a good thing to have in your closet. It can be a subtle print on a shirt or a stylish belt. It’s timeless and glamorous.

23 – When combining patterns, there are some rules you should follow to avoid looking ridiculous. You can mix prints that have the same color, or wear something with a large scale pattern and combine it with a smaller second one.


24 – You need to make your pants fit your shoes. We’re talking about length. So whether you are wearing heels or flats, don’t let your pants be too long or too short. Always remember that.

25 – Different types of shoes go well with different outfits. For example, ankle boots work great with casual and summer dresses.

26 – If you are in a doubt about the color of your shoes, go with nude colors. That is always a safe option and it will make your legs look longer. Match the shoes with your skin tone, and you’re good to go.   


27 – It’s always smart to invest in a classy and timeless bag. There are many classic handbags out there on the market, and make sure you have at least one in your closet.

28 – Always have safety pins and bra clips in your bag. You never know what can go wrong, and it’s always good to be prepared.


29 – A scarf is always a good accessory. You can choose from different materials and designs, and it’ll make you look stylish quite easily.

30 – You can never be wrong with a pearl necklace. This is an item you should always have. It’s classy, never gets out of fashion and as Coco Chanel once said, it makes a statement.

31 – Buttons! Not a common thing to change, are we right? But you can be creative with buttons as much as you want. They come in many different sizes, colors and designs, so why not change them from time to time? It can make your clothes refreshed and give you something to be creative with. You can make them fit your accessories, shoes, bags. And it takes just a few minutes to replace them.  

32 – Accessories are something you can always pile on. You never know what you’re going to need, and what will be the perfect match. Necklaces, earrings, scarfs, sunglasses…have them in many colors and designs, and match with all sort of outfits.

33 – Break the traditional jewelry rule that says never mix gold and silver jewelry. We say, mix away! Wearing both gold and silver rings, or layering dainty necklaces of different metals is a way to stand out.


34 – When it comes to makeup, many people will agree that less is more. Especially if you have young skin, you should avoid wearing any makeup. Sometimes just a nice colored lipstick will do the honors of making you look great that day. You don’t have to look like a model; too much makeup will make your skin older.

35 – If you are wearing a lot of foundation, always, always blend. Avoid making a clear line that can tell the difference between the makeup and your real skin.

36 – If you’re going to work, don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, especially anything too bright. When you put on makeup for work, try to limit it to basics. Put on a little bit of foundation to cover tired eyes and conceal imperfections, some mascara, and a neutral lipstick. It will make you look refreshed and won’t be too much.

37 – In the daytime, stay away from dark eyeliners. They are great when going out in the evening, but under a bright light they can look too heavy. Instead, put on a black mascara. Also, false eyelashes are the worst in the daytime.


With these 37 fashion rules all women should follow, you should be able to find a couple areas where you have room to improve, whether it’s revamping your personal style, or finding new ways to be creative with the wardrobe you already have. Personality through fashion is something everyone should develop, and tips like these help you stay stylish while doing so.

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