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For passengers travelling first and business class, the concept of amenity kits is very familiar. They consist of travel essentials like earplugs, small travel-packed toiletries and some extra goodies each airline includes in their pack. With growing competition between Air companies, each one wants to stand out with their offer. Some try do differentiate themselves with the designer and  luxurious brands, and some with minimalistic eco-friendly kits. They come in a bag, usually specifically designed to be re-used, either for storing cosmetic products or electronics. They first appeared in the 50s and were called RONs, as in “remain over night” kits. Since then, the success of them may be found in a content worth keeping. Airlines create collectable kits, and some passengers tend to collect as many of them as they can. In no particular order, here are 15 top airline amenity kits.

1. Singapore Airlines

First class passengers of Singapore airlines can enjoy luxury designed amenity kits made in collaboration with Italian house of fashion Salvatore Ferragamo. What makes this kit different than the others is the one-ounce glass bottle of Ferragamo’s Signorina perfume. This jasmine and rose fragrance is packed in both light and elegant bottle with a pink ribbon to go along with stylish black and white cosmetic bag. The kit also contains branded goodies like hand cream and a lip balm.

Singapore Airlines

2. Qantas

Qantas business class is offering limited edition Oroton bag with Aspar products for customers flying internationally. This amenity kit is very functional and contains comfortable and soft fabric pyjamas with Qantas logo. It is also designed so it can store different kind of electronics afterwards. Inside the bag are also cosmetic essentials like Aspar’s sweet orange & shea hand cream, vanilla & orange lip moisturiser and an ultra hydrating face moisturiser.


3. Etihad Airways

Preserving Emirati traditions Etihad partnered with Sougha, a group that helps support local heritage through arts. Combined with suede and thick cotton, the bags are woven with bedouin patterns traditionally found on blankets, cushions and tents. The colourful and functional bags you get when flying first class feature New York’s luxury brand Le Labo, Bergamote 22 line. This kit includes hand balm, lip balm, facial moisturiser and refreshing towelette. Business class features similar kits with Athens-based natural toiletries Korres.

Etihad Airways

4. Jetblue

Birchbox is eco-friendly cardboard amenity pack that Jetblue offers when flying coast to coast. In-flight essential are not only smart packed but well thought out. Ladies get Benefit Mascara, which seems like a good idea for refreshing after a long flight. Also for helping relax, the box includes Klorane soothing eye patches, Liz Earle moisturizer, Supergoop! hand cream and Davines all-in-one milk spray. What is also interesting about this pack is Reviver Dry Deodorant Swipes for clothes that are designed so they can be reused.


5. Hawaiian Airlines

One of Hawaii’s most popular clothing  and graphic designers Manuheali‘i, created a new look for flight amenity kits, so it can go along with airlines philosophy, Mea Ho’okipa (I am host). The design itself has beautiful grey and teal banana leaf patterns. Business class outbound flight kit includes eyeshades, earphones and earplugs as a nice way to help enjoy the flight and help slip into vacation mode. Cosmetic essentials and dental products are also included. Airline created its own signature brand of toiletries called Lōli‘i, meaning relaxation. Skin care products in this kit are hydrating mist, hand and body lotion, and unscented lip balm. As a way to include more brand elements, the pack has a cute little bamboo comb and a branded pen.

Hawaiian Airlines

6. American Airlines

After merging with US Airways, American Airlines unveiled new set of amenity kits. These retro themed kits are a way to honor the legacy of smaller airlines that helped the company be what it is today. There are nine different themes with old school colors and logos. The content is a bit different for first and business class. Packs include socks and an eye mask with the colors of each different airline. There are also noise canceling headset, earplugs, tissue and a few cosmetic products like hand lotion and lip balm. What is interesting about this stylish bag is that it can be reused as a tablet case.

American Airlines

7. Oman Air

What draws the most attention in this kit is definitely the elegant designer bag. It was designed in collaboration with international ’Swarovski elements’ brand. This fashionable clutch bag has a long strap so it can be used afterwards as a great piece of accessory. It also includes a Swarovski crystal. The bag itself contains complimentary items such as a pair of socks, eyeshade, hair brush and mirror, earplugs and a pen. Dental and mouthwash is also included. As for cosmetic items, Oman Air exclusively provides the luxury brand Amouage. Each kit contains hand and body lotion, a facial moisturiser, an eye gel and a lip balm.

Oman Air

8. United Airlines

United Airlines joined hands with Soho House & Co in London for a new amenity kit look. It’s premium spa and lifestyle brand Cowshed now gives the kits the all-natural beauty products. According to Cosmopolitan magazine this is a new “super-stylish beauty brand“. The products are made from best organic plant extracts and essential oils. The premium, earth tone kits contain Cowshed’s moisturising hand cream, Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm and Chamomile Refreshing Towelette. The leather bag is United-branded with zipper pulls, functional for storing cosmetic products.

 United Airlines

9. Air Astana

Kazakhstan’s Air Astana developed a high-quality female in-flight kit. The Pal Zileri bag have won the 2014 Gold Award in the Travel Plus Airline amenity bag awards. This black suede bag with grey strap has a gold and silver logo of Air Astana. It also has a hanging strap for future uses. Inside the bag are useful amenities from French brand Payot. It consists of moisturising lip balm, a nourishing hand lotion and a radiant facial cream. The pack also includes dual comb and mirror accessory and a black toothbrush.

Air Astana

10. Cathay Pacific

Long-haul first class flights with Cathay Pacific now feature natural skincare products from renowned Australian brand Aesop. Caramel-coloured Aesop cases have a unique and easy to handle stackable design. The kits contain Aesop camellia nut facial hydrating cream, rind concentrate hand & body balm and rosehip seed lip cream. There are also basic dental products included, earplugs, cotton pad, hairbrush, sleeve and monitor-cleaning cloth.

Cathay Pacific

11. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways introduced new generous amenity kits in partnership with Giorgio Armani. First class female kits are filled with Giorgio Armani Fragrances & Beauty products. The little black bag includes  Armani Si fragrance, a perfumed body lotion, and an eye makeup remover. This Armani fragrance is a tribute to modern femininity, it is powerful and subtle. What is interesting about these new sophisticated kits is the overnight flights version of it. With luxury also comes comfort. The first class passengers traveling by night also receive pyjamas by Italian fashion house Missoni, paired with matching slippers. This kit is perfect for a good beauty sleep. Business Class kits feature socks, eyeshades, earplugs and foldable comb for convenience.

Qatar Airways

12. Condor

Condor offers an original packing way for flight essentials. A metal pencil case decorated with the world map is a container of goodies in this amenity kit. It contains an eye mask, a pair of socks knitted with a Condor retro design, a toothbrush, ear plugs and ear phones. Premium kits consist of nautical theme laundry bag and a cosmetic pouch in navy blue and white stripes. The best part of this kit is in the Comfort class version. It comes with a wine cooling bag. Interesting and original.


13. Air New Zealand

This kit is both minimalistic and environment-friendly. It is unisex and quite tiny, but has all the essentials. Cosmetic products consists of Clarins hydraquench cream, moisture replenish lip balm, and basic dental products. There are also ear plugs and a branded Air NZ pen. Unisex socks in cabin crew colors freshen up this kit, and go well along with eyemask with quotes like Beware I sleep walk and Are we there yet? The pouch itself is made from a soft material and can be used for keeping travel documents or a small tablet.

Air New Zealand

14. Delta air

Delta updated its amenity kits with a fresh new design and new features. There are two kinds of Tumi bags, with the only difference of one being hard and one soft-sided. Inside are a variety of items like MALIN+GOETZ lip moisturiser, body lotion, mouthwash, facial tissues and earplugs. New features include striped socks, an eyeshade and a Tumi pen. Delta also released a YouTube video recapping its historic collection of flight kits from the 1920s to 1978-

<iframe width="608" height="342" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cWCUKFBeqf8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

15. AirBerlin

AirBerlin teamed up with fashion label Wunderkind and developed two unisex kits for long-haul flights. One is designed for flights to Germany and the other one for the opposite direction. Both elegant silver/grey amenity bags contain Wunderkind lip balm and facial moisturiser, a sleeping mask, toothbrush and socks. The design of this ‘culture and hygiene’ bags is minimalistic and go great with the ’avant-garde spirit, a new German sensibility’.

AirBerlin teamed up with fashion label Wunderkind and developed two unisex kits for long-haul flights.

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