14 Original Valentine’s Day Cards

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Valentine’s Day is coming and now’s the perfect time to look for a card for that special someone. If you want something unique and original for a change, take a look at our list of 14 original Valentine’s Day cards. Show your affection in a funny and creative way by picking out the perfect card that says “you’re special to me” in a way that’s true to you and your boo.

1 – Tinder Valentine’s Card | Darwin Designs Cards

Tinder Valentine's Card by Darwin Designs Cards on an envelope on a white tables with red ribbons spread around.

Ain’t no shame in the Tinder game! Yeah, it’s got a rep for being superficial and shallow, but we know there are couples out there who owe it all to Tinder. If you can relate, the Tinder Valentine’s Card by Darwin Designs Cards was made for you. Spill out your feelings without showing your soft spots and without being overly sentimental. This card is printed on 300gsm recycled material and it comes with a complementary 100% recycled red envelope. The nice about this card is that 10% of each sale goes to medical research charities. The item is packaged in a bio-degradable clear display bag.

BUY | $3.50

2 –  Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card – You’re Hot | Turtles Soup

You’re Hot Funny Valentine’s Day Card by Turtles Soup on a red envelope on white background.

The ‘You’re Hot’ Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card is the perfect card to give to the person that puts the spice in your life. Sriracha lovers will appreciate the “You’re Hot” Sriracha hot sauce bottle graphic, and you can use use the blank interior to craft your own personal message by hand or you can customize your order and have the text typed and printed before shipping. Either way, we’re sure that the right recipient will love.

BUY | $4

3 – ‘Pizza My Heart’ Card | Knotty Cards

Funny Valentines Card - Pizza Card by Knotty Cards on a grey wooden surface with Knotty Designs logo carved in.

If you’re a bit of a romantic and you also like to joke, then the ‘Pizza My Heart’ Card by Knotty Cards is the perfect way to show affection this Valentine’s Day. This love card features hand-drawn imaging and lettering printed on bright white matte cardstock. Make sure you send this card to someone who likes word games (and pizza!) and will know how to appreciate it. Your card will be shipped in protective Ecoenclose rigid mailer inside of plastic sleeve with chipboard backing so there’s no way it’ll get damaged in transportation.

BUY | $4.50

4 – Mountain Climbing Card | Post Love Designs

Valentine’s Card - Mountain – Hikers by Post Love Designs on a brown envelope on a white table with confetti spread around.

Sorry Mr. Gaye, but sometimes there is a mountain high enough. The Mountain Climbing Card by Post Love Designs is a romantic card with little reality check thrown in, because, let’s face it, moderately sized mountains are actually reasonable. It’s the perfect card to show appreciation without over-doing it and without being too cheesy. The card is hand drawn and digitally enhanced before printing, and it’s blank on the inside so you can add your personal message. The item is shipped worldwide from Melbourne, Australia, and it’s packaged in a plastic wallet for added protection.

BUY | $3.50

5 – ‘Single On Valentine’s Day’ Card | Emily McDowell Studio

Being Single On Valentine's Day Can Suck Friend Valentine Card by Emily McDowell Studio on a table with pink ribbons all around.

If you have a friend who’s single on Valentine’s Day, there’s a way to make him or her feel better with the ‘Single On Valentine’s Day’ Card by Emily McDowell Studio. We agree with you wholeheartedly Emily, being single is so much better than dating some idiot. Add a clever personal observation on the inside, you might even make the person laugh, or you can simply let them know how much you appreciate their friendship and emphasize that having a good friend is much better than being in a crappy relationship. The card is printed using environmentally friendly soy inks and it comes with a matching kraft envelope. It’s packed into a clear cello sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer for protection.

BUY | $4.50

6 – ‘I Think I’ll Keep You (For Like, Ever)’ Card | Sea & Lake Paper Company

I Think I'll Keep You (For Like, Ever) - Funny Love Card by Sea & Lake Paper Company on an envelope on white background.

This card by Sea & Lake Paper Company is a cute card to send to your Valentine. Use it when you want to let someone know that you’re there to stay and that you hope your relationship will last. It’s a card that’s perfect not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for anniversaries or really any other day when you’re feeling particularly fond of someone. This is a great commitment card and it’s handmade which makes it even more personal. Add your own message to the inside for a finishing touch and your loved one will be thrilled. The card is printed on 100 lb. (270 gsm) speckled recycled cardstock and it measures 4.5 x 6.25 inches. It comes with a kraft envelope, all packed in a biodegradable sleeve and shipped in rigid mailers for protection.

BUY | $4.50

7 – ‘Best Decision’ Card | Rust and Ivory

Best Decision Love Card – Valentine Card by Rust and Ivory on an envelope on white textured background.

If you really love your special someone and want to say it plain and simple, black on white, then the ‘Best Decision’ Card by Rust and Ivory is the perfect choice for this Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great card for anniversaries. The simple design along with this powerful quote makes it all pretty clear. Your loved one will be sure you’re happy with them and they’ll appreciate it. Sometimes all you need to do is be straightforward and express your feelings without all the bells and whistles, and that’s exactly what this card does.

BUY | $6

8 – ‘I Flippin’ Love You’ Pancakes Valentine Card | Mad Design

I Flippin' Love You - Pancakes Valentine Card by Mad Design on a dark envelope on white surface with white background.

The ‘I Flippin’ Love You’ Pancakes Valentine Card by Mad Design is a cute and funny card to send to your special someone. It’s cleverly designed and it will put a warm smile of appreciation on someone’s face. The card features a pile of pancakes on a plate, with one pancake in the air above, just as if it was being flipped. It’s a great way to tell someone you’re crazy about them in a fun and creative way. The card is handmade, printed on bright white, high quality, recycled stock, and the blank space on the inside is waiting for your personal message, so get to work! The item comes in a clear, sealed cello sleeve in a stay-flat mailer.

BUY | $4

9 – ‘Turn Me On’ Card | Darwin Designs Cards

Turn On Funny Valentine’s Card by Darwin Designs Cards on an envelope on a white surface with a pen and pink rocks around.

The ‘Turn Me On’ Card by Darwin Designs Cards is an unusual and clever card to give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. If you’re tired of the cheesy “I love you to the moon and back” phrases, this card’s a breath of fresh air. In addition to being original and funny, the card’s a way to show affection and burning love between couples. This item is handmade, and it’s printed on 300gsm card made from 100% recycled material. The ribbed kraft envelope is also 100% recycled. In addition to all this, you’ll be happy to hear that 10% of the money you pay for this card will go to medical research charities.

BUY | $3.50

10 – ‘I Love You Every Day’ Card | Spicy Cards

Fuck Valentine's Day Funny Valentine's Card - Sarcastic Card on textured grey wood background.

Spicy Cards brings you the ‘I Love You Every Day’ card that’s for everyone who sneers at the arbitrary, contrived and commercial nature of Valentine’s Day. We suggest giving this card to your loved one the day after Valentine’s Day or really any other day, if you want to prove your point. The card is printed on white 110lb cover stock paper and you’ll also get an envelope with a seal sticker, all packed up in a protective plastic sleeve.

BUY | $5

11 – ‘Your Junk’ Card for Him | Artful Creations by Deb

The Funny Valentine Card - Naughty Adult Card For Him by Artful Creations By Deb on a wooden surface, closed and open.

Well, we must say, this Valentine’s Day card won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but surely every man would like to get it. The ‘Your Junk’ Card for Him by Artful Creations By Deb shows creative humor as well as affection. If you want to tell someone you’re seriously physically attracted to him, this is the perfect card for the job. The trash can cut from shimmer cardstock and layered on the front side makes this card cute and charming, but the spicy message is still relayed loud and clear. Along with the card, you’ll also get a bright white 70lb envelope. Note: there’s a designer logo printed on the back of the card.

BUY | $5

12 – ‘Chipotle Love’ Card | Shop Madz

I Love You Chipotle Greeting Card - Funny Valentines Card for Boyfriend by Shop Madz on a light tan background.

When someone says “I LOVE YOU ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE CHIPOTLE,” you know things are getting serious. And that’s exactly what this this card from Shop Madz says. If you’re a fan of Chipotle, then nothing comes between you and that love, but this card’s for someone who comes in a close second. With the blank interior, you can use this card for any special occasion. If your loved one shares your passion for food, they’ll really appreciate this display of affection. Make Valentine’s Day special and memorable for someone with this creative and unique card.

BUY | $4.50

13 – ‘You Are My Favourite’ Card | Lucy Says I Do

You Are My Favourite - Fun Valentines Card by Lucy Says I Do on a grey background.

If you want a simple and cute card that tells someone they’re the most important person in your life, the ‘You Are My Favourite’ Card by Lucy Says I Do is a great choice. This card’s suitable not only for Valentine’s Day but also for weddings, anniversaries, and other special (or even not so special) occasions. The card’s made from fun papercut typography with a scalloped edge and features a single, adorable red heart. It’s printed on 100% recycled white card stock and it measures 100x140mm when folded. The card is blank on the inside and it comes in a protective sleeve with a brown envelope that’s also made from recycled paper.

BUY | $4.50

14 – ‘Guac’ Card | Crumple And Toss

Guac Funny Love Card by Crumple And Toss on a light tan background.

The ‘Guac’ Card by Crumple And Toss is a great card to give to someone for Valentine’s Day. To the outside world, maybe being compared to guacamole isn’t the most romantic thing, but if you’re a person who has surrendered to avocados in all their glory, then this card is some heavy shit. Talk about showing affection in a unique and original way! The inside of the card is blank so you can craft a more personal message, and it comes with a clear green envelope.

BUY | $5


With these 14 original cards to send to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be sure to get your innermost feelings across in a fun, quirky and true-to-you way.

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