10 Fitness Trends You Didn’t Know Existed

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If you’re tired of running on a treadmill or of the usual yoga and dance classes, we’ve got some more cool activities for you to keep it fresh. The fact is, there’s a workout for everyone, you just have to find the right one for you. The whole world has become so obsessed with fitness lately that there are more than enough programs to explore and choose from. Check out our list of the 10 fitness trends you didn’t know existed, and get inspired to start over, or to add some variety to your favorite session.

1 – Pound Drumming Class

Pound Drumming Class

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like being a drummer in a rock ‘n’ roll band, this fitness class can give you a taste without getting all the necessary tattoos etc.. The Pound Drumming Class was created by former drummers Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza who wanted to share their passion for music and fitness with the world. This class offers a full-body cardio workout that uses weighted drumsticks called Ripstix. You’ll learn basic drumming moves and then you’ll be able to jam out along with powerful, loud music for the rest of the class. Besides the cardio, you’ll also engage your core muscles, lower body muscles, and arms. Besides being highly efficient, with a 900 calorie burn in 45 minutes, this class is so much fun that you won’t feel like you’re working out. Combining elements of Pilates, isometric movements, and plyometrics, you get a fun, exciting, and totally different fitness class than anything you’ve ever tried before. The class is open for anyone who wants to try it so don’t worry if you’re not musically inclined, the routines are easy to follow so you can get the rhythm down in no time.

2 – Body Groove

Body Groove class

If you don’t like the typical group classes or even the strict choreography in some dance classes, maybe Body Groove could be a good switch. This is another dance exercise class, but instead of trying to mimic tricky movements, you can dance your own dance. This class was created by dancer Misty Tripoli and it’s an innovative and highly efficient dance workout that combines simple moves with powerful tunes. Unlike most classes, here you don’t have to follow any prescribed steps, but you are encouraged to move your body to the beat according to how you feel the music. Everyone’s body is unique and every expression of self is inevitably unique, you just have to feel it in you. There are no wrong ways, and a good cardio training’s guaranteed. You won’t be able to stand still in this dynamic class. This fresh approach to fitness and health will give you the basics of each move and then you’ll be able to make your own variations. Regardless of your fitness level, you’re free to try Body Groove as you don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone. The powerful music makes everything even more fun.

3 – Ropes Gone Wild

Ropes Gone Wild workout, a young woman handling two large ropes.

Instead of lifting weights or waving sticks, why not try waving ropes perhaps? Ropes Gone Wild is an innovative exercise routine and even though it may seem easy, nothing could be further from the truth. The ropes are weighted and long, and we promise this exercise is fun and simple, but far from easy. This routine consists of making wavy patterns with the ropes using your body strength. This workout’s highly effective as it affects every muscle in your body, especially your core muscles, but it’s still low impact so anyone can try it. Whether you’re a complete newbie, an injured athlete, or a fitness junkie, your cardiovascular system will reap benefits from the ropes routine. In addition to this, you’ll also improve coordination, and your metabolic endurance will increase. The ropes used are special fitness ropes, different from the regular ropes and they’re organized into a customized system. There’s a special handle system for a better grip and more core engagement.

4 – WaveShape

WaveShape workout and surfers showing off results.

If you like surfing, the WaveShape routine’s a great way to get in shape for the upcoming season. This hard-core workout was primarily created for surfers to get them in “wave shape” and to improve their performance. This high-intensity full body workout lasts 45 minutes and it will get you bikini zone ready for the beach. Your body will get slim yet strong and you’ll build explosive power, increase overall strength, improve endurance and flexibility, and skyrocket your confidence. You don’t need to be a surfer to take part, you just need the desire and love for exercising and you’ll achieve the lean surfer’s physique. This workout was created by Adam Rosante, fitness expert and surfer, and the creator of The People’s Bootcamp. Whether you want to excel in the water, or just to tone up your body, this fun workout will help you increase strength, agility, and work out every muscle.

5 – Bokwa

Bokwa dance fitness class.

Another great dance class to help you get in shape while having fun comes in the cardio routine called Bokwa. The name of the class comes from boxing (‘’bo’’) and an African word kwaito (‘’kwa’’) which stands for a style of South African music and dance. This is an entirely new type of dance classes where you’ll draw letters and numbers with your feet while moving to the beat. This alphabet based dance class is a cardio routine that burns calories while you perform simple moves to the rhythm of the music. And don’t think this is just a boring class where you just have to follow a boring routine because you’ll also be free to make your own moves. Bokwa originates from L.A. and it’s a result of bringing elements of South African dance into the routine. The blend of this traditional dance with hip-hop and step aerobics may seem unusual but it’s fun and highly efficient, and when you get the basic moves down you can jam it up with hip bumps, keep it low impact, or go into the high-energy zone.

6 – Bodyblade

Bodyblade class, a man and two women exercising.

This certainly is the next generation workout as it uses a futuristic-looking tool that seems like it’s a part of the Star Wars series. Bodyblade uses vibration training to target specific muscle groups by varying the direction of the flexing blade used, or by changing the body position. There are many workouts toady that use different tools, but other than leaving you sore afterward, you don’t see much result. This new workout was invented to show that training with tools can be both interesting and efficient. This intelligent training focuses on functional training, connecting muscle, joints, and body segments for an effective, fun, and safe experience. The results you’ll get are enhanced coordination, flexibility, better posture, muscle function efficiency and muscle definition. This routine is very engaging as it forces your body to move 270 times per minute to resist the force of the blade moving back and forth. The blade changes directions rapidly at a set rhythm of 4.5 cycles per second and you have to resist and control it. Bodyblade’s suitable for everyone and it helps stabilize the spine and core to aid rehabilitation and weight loss, and to improve performance.

7 – Ganja yoga

Ganja yoga class

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, someone has thought of combining yoga classes with smoking pot (but you have to bring your own, sorry). Of course, the pot part of Ganja yoga is optional, but those who have tried it say that they were able to achieve deeper meditation and to relax more than without it. The Bloor’s House of Yoga in Toronto offers these classes that aim at stimulating the parts of your brain that wouldn’t otherwise be used. This will also help you achieve the poses more accurately as you will be less inhibited. The classes are also available in Your Bliss studio near Dundas and Spadina and they are open for groups of four to 15 people, with a strict BYOP policy. That means there’s no buying, selling, or sharing. The class itself lasts for 75 minutes and there’s mystical music playing in the background to help you relax even more and meditate deeper (sweeet mannnn).

8 – Indoor Dragon Boat

Indoor Dragon Boat class, men and women rowing in a pool.

And now, you wouldn’t believe it, but there’s actually an indoor paddling class! This is great as paddling is a very healthy and efficient sport, but many of us keep finding excuses. Even if you’re a bad swimmer, and the weather is awful outside, you can now reap all the benefits and have fun in the Indoor Dragon Boat. At Afterburn Fitness in Scarborough, Toronto you can enjoy rowing practice throughout the entire year. They’ve set up an indoor pool with a dragon boat for you to climb in and row, row, row. Whether you just want to get fit or you need a place to practice to stay in shape, you’ll enjoy a supreme training experience. This paddling clinic can take in up to 20 paddlers, and coach Jason Au helps you master the technique and achieve the perfect posture and synchronization of the hip drive with stroke mechanics. All in all, it’s a unique indoor training experience.

9 – SurfSET

SurfSET class

We’ve already talked about a routine that helps the surfers get ready to dominate the waves, but this is something completely different. SurfSET allows all the non-surfers to enjoy the surfing experience indoors. With a bit of imagination, you’ll be riding the waves while exercising inside your gym. This is a killer workout that combines paddling, jumping on the board, squatting, and maintaining balance with the help of your core and leg muscles. This class with elements of surfing is very challenging, but above all fun and it’s a real refreshment compared to the other classic and well-known routines. Once you “catch a wave” you’ll lose track of time and forget that you’re there to exercise. All of this is enabled since the board rests on Bosu balls that make you fight to maintain balance, just like you would if you were in the water.

10 – SkyRobics

SkyRobics class at Skyzone.

We all love jumping on a trampoline, but who would’ve thought it makes an actual workout! The SkyRobics classes are for all the people who are tired of all the other group classes and exercising alone in the gym. Just one big trampoline is what it takes to get even the least active of us to start jumping around and exercising. Besides being extremely fun and awakening, this class is also very tiring. Just five minutes of jumping on a trampoline is equal to running for a mile. We’ve presented some unusual innovative and fun fitness trends, but to be honest, we can’t think of a better cardio class than the one happening in the trampoline room. At Sky Zone’s SkyRobics room you’ll get an insane workout doing laps, jumping jacks, squats, high knees, and circuit training, all on a giant trampoline.

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