10 Contemporary Planters for Your Houseplants

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We think plants belong everywhere! In your garden, on your patio or balcony, all over your home and even at work, because in addition to improving perceptions of spaces, houseplants also make you feel good. You oughta treat your plant babies right, so here’s a list of 10 contemporary planters for your houseplants.

1. Linear Plant Stands | Anthropologie

iron plant stand for indoor use

These handmade plant stands are a great indoor option for larger plants in smaller spaces, especially hanging or climbing, vine-type plants. The linear design means they visually take up less space than a solid plant stand would. Made of iron, the stand comes in three different sizes, each in a different color.

BUY – from $98


2. Mod Metal Planter | Urban Outfitters

mod metal planter gold

This sleek, mod metal planter is a modern and minimalist option. With an antiqued gold finish, it’ll fit into almost any color scheme or decor style. It’s small, at only 3″ in diameter and 4″ high, but that makes it great for a desk plant or side table plant.

BUY – $10


3. Wood Succulent Planters | Andrew’s Reclaimed

wooden succulent planters by andrews reclaimed

These tiny wooden planters are made from reclaimed western red cedar, and are the perfect size and material for succulents or cacti. Grab them for your office, where succulents (which are super low maintenance and easy to keep) will thrive. Plants at work are also known to increase productivity and reduce stress, so there’s that too!

BUY – $14


4. Modern Terracotta Planters | Huseyin Art K Ceramic

modern terracotta planters indoor

These planters offer a contemporary take on the traditional terracotta planter, combining a unique shape and a modern touch of white. Perfect for cacti, succulents, or other small plants, these planters are completely handmade on a potter’s wheel by the Etsy shop owner, Hüseyin Artık. He offers a bunch of different styles and sells them in different combinations, so be sure to check out his shop.

BUY – from $15


5. Ceramic Skull Planter | mudpuppy

ceramic white skull planter

This white ceramic skull planter is super unique and is perfect for those looking to add some edginess to their decor. It’s entirely handmade, so the one you get is bound to be unique, and it can easily double as both a planter and a vase depending on your needs. Check out the artist’s shop for more skull items.

BUY – $42


6. Metallic Crackle Pots | Anthropologie

metallic crackle planter pots anthropologie

Available in five different sizes and varying shades of crackled gold and silver, these planter pots are can be used with any size plant and in a variety of settings. You can use the ‘window’ pot for your babies that need to bask in the sun, and any of the larger pots are also perfect for hanging because of their rounded base.

BUY – from $10


7. Ceramic Planters with Leather Strap | World Market

white ceramic planter pots with leather band accent from world market

Made in Portugal of ceramic and genuine leather, these planters are designed for indoor use. Available in three sizes, they’re perfect for shorter growing indoor plants, and would look great on a coffee table or sideboard. The white ceramic keeps them light and clean, while the leather accent adds a bit of a rugged element.

BUY – from $35


8. Clay Pillar Planters | Harry Leaf via Uncommon Goods

stoneware pillar planter set by harry leaf for uncommon goods

This set of three glazed stoneware planters is really unique because of their tall, cylindrical shape. Handmade in San Francisco, the coiled design is incredibly elegant and the unique color and finish adds an element of depth to a room without being overly distracting. The varying heights also attract the eye, so they’d make a perfect centerpiece.

BUY – $42


9. 3D-Printed Geometric Planter | NP-Creative

3d printed geometric planter pot

We couldn’t finish the list without including a 3D-printed planter. This guy from NP-Creative is an intricate geometric design that changes at every angle, and we love how that’s highlighted by the material’s finish. Made of top-quality ABS, it’s available in black, grey, white and gold. Bonus points for the mini venus flytrap!

BUY – $16


10. Cement Pot with Copper Stand | Etta & Odie

cement and copper planter pot stand indoor use

Last but not least is something for the larger plants you might want to keep. From Etta & Odie, this cement pot and copper stand seems like the perfect combination of materials. Standing 16″ tall with a 9″ pot, this one’s perfect for your favorite houseplant. It doesn’t have drainage holes though, so be sure to use rocks or marble at the bottom.

BUY – $85


With these 10 contemporary planters for your houseplants we’re hoping you found some inspo and motivation to bring some greenery into your living space or workplace. Plant on!

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